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Better than coupons-new free shopping apps pay cash back!

Let’s face it- Living ANYWHERE (especially New York) is expensive.
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And let’s agree that most of us, as busy Moms raising families,  have learned to cut back where we can and to do everything we can to save money when shopping. But if you’re like me, you’re just not great at clipping coupons. Sorry to say, coupons and I just don’t get along well. So when I was introduced to some new shopping apps that pay cash back, I couldn’t have been happier. My iphone is pretty much always within 24 inches of me, so it can’t be more convenient. I’ve been using these apps for about 4 months now and I have to say, I am EXTREMELY pleased with the results. It takes only minutes to snap a picture of your grocery receipt once you get home  and if you bought items they have on the app each week, you’ve got money in your account. Feels like winning lotto to me sometimes!

Each week the apps list items and when you buy them, you earn cash back, kind of like a rebate. One app even offers up to 100% back if you share on your Facebook wall. Today , in a mini $65 shopping trip, I only bought 2 Sobe waters, 1 baking soda and 2 frozen meals that were on the list, but managed to get back over $4.00. Cash. In my account. Then I can transfer to paypal and they pay immediately. You can earn up to $40 each shopping trip with Ibotta and quite a bit with Endorse too.  If you want to earn more, refer some friends.

What I like is that they also have more and more organic brands like Annie s and Amy’s and they have basic items like baking soda, toothpaste, yogurts, eggs, and Advil too. Who doesn’t buy stuff like that?

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All you need is a smartphone for Ibotta and a FB account and smartphone for Endorse. As far as I know, ipads work fine too. If they are giving away money, why not take your share? Let the earnings add up and then cash out for a pedicure or a new shirt or something fun. We all can use all the (financial) help we can nowadays right?

Join Ibotta

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Happy Shopping


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