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Shannon's 2011 Recap

2011 in a nutshell. Including morning sickness, yoga pants, television that makes you cry, and "Moves Like Jagger."

It's unbelievable that 2011 is already done. We moved into our house on December 31, 2010 and rang in 2011 exhausted, surrounded by boxes, and queasy (morning sickness). Days away from 2012, I'm typing this surrounded by post-holiday chaos and listening to my four month old alternatively suck on his lip and screech (his Christmas gift to himself was the discovery of his voice).

My very favorite things this year...

For me:

Lululemon Pants

I started loving Lululemon pants well before 2011, but after having a baby this year, they deserve to be listed as a highlight. Having a baby to me equals spending at least six weeks solely wearing yoga pants, and these are actually yoga pants that make you look good! Yes, they are expensive. But for whatever magic perky booty potion they put in those pants, I personally feel they are worth every dime. Especially at a time when there is not one other perky part of your whole body.

Sadly, this is not my stomach...

Sadly, this is not my stomach...

For the kids:

Sleep Sheep

I love the Cloud B Sleep Sheep. Both of my kids have one. Sometimes when it's running, I run in and punch the button again to restart the noise cycle. It seriously makes me feel like I am putting them under another 45 minute spell. How can you not love something that puts your kids under a sleeping spell?

We're a button number two, "rain" noise sort of family...

We're a button number two, "rain" noise sort of family...

For your mouth:

Trader Joe's Low Calorie Pink Lemonade

I love lemonade. But I also love my perky booty Lululemon pants. 40 calories per cup is keeping my booty in check.

Guilt free drink...

Guilt free drink...

Gadget to make your life a little easier:

iRobot Roomba Pet Series 532 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

I opened this bad boy on Christmas morning and shrieked and danced like a seven year old girl opening a Barbie Dream House. With two dogs and a hardwood floor, I literally cringe every time my daughter gets down on the floor to play. It's awful. And this thing is going to change my life.

Game changer...

Game changer...

Favorite song:

"Moves Like Jagger"

My two year old LOVES this song. Every week during her gym class they have a little question and answer segment, and a few months ago the question was about your favorite song. All of the kids replied with the, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" mumbo jumbo and what did mine bust out with? That's right, "Moves Like Jagger"...which admittedly earned me a few raised eyebrows from the other mothers. She has no clue what this song is about. And no, she has not seen the video.

Favorite TV Show:


I literally weep every episode. I consider that to be good television. Plus it's set in Berkeley, so for a local Bay Area girl like myself, I enjoy the location references.

Keep the tissues handy...

Keep the tissues handy...

I also think I've mentioned in about ten posts this year about my deep, deep, deep love for all things Bravo and all things Real Housewives. I know it's trashy. And you know what? That's okay.

Can't get enough of the Beverly Hills ladies!

Can't get enough of the Beverly Hills ladies!


I laughed really hard during Bridesmaids. And it reminded me of how much I love Wilson Phillips. I may or may not have added "Hold On" to my itunes after that movie.

Social networking...

Favorite Facebook status update :

I love being a mom. I really, really do. But I am very comfortable in admitting that I hate potty training. And I would even go so far as to say that it has been my least favorite part of parenthood thus far. And I don't even think she was that hard. I'm a potty training wuss.

Just put the diaper genie in the garage. ONE DOWN. I'm glad I have time before I have to do it again, I need a break. Potty training is a beast.

Judging by the comments and likes, I'm not alone in my feelings about this matter.

Most regrettable Facebook status update:

I don't think I have one. I'm a fairly cautious updater.

Favorite tweet (your own):

I stink at tweeting. I have a goal to be better in 2012. Follow me people!

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Blogging in 2011

What great blogs did you discover this year?

I love I Heart Nap Time. She is crafty, creative and adorable and while it makes me feel a TEENSY bit bad about myself and my own craftiness, I find checking out her creativity relaxing. What can I say? I used to take naps while watching Martha Stewart in college.

What did your favorite blogger teach you this year?

Checking out those posts really made me want to embrace my inner craftiness, even if it's not perfect. Especially with my daughter...she loves plunking down to do a project with mom!

Favorite post of 2011:

It's About to be Different

I actually cried the entire time that I was writing that post. I was so hormonal, emotional, nervous and humungous, and it was so hard to think that my whole life with her would be changing. The comments I got on that post from other moms who had gone through the exact same thing or that were going through the exact same thing made me feel so much better. It's always comforting to feel that others are in the same boat. It definitely is different, but she loves her brother like crazy.

Favorite photo of 2011:

Shannon's 2011 Recap

Little Mama

She has her face in front of his basically all day, and I literally don't get him alone for a minute until she goes to sleep some nights. I'm so glad they have each other.

Real life...

What did you kick to the curb this year?

Meat. I'm over it. I've never liked it, and after 31 years, I've decided it's time to stop pretending. If you're reading this and you are having me over for dinner, please don't change a thing. I'm so happy eating everything but the meat, I promise!

What/who did you realize you are particularly grateful for?

Ahhh. I've been thinking a lot about what I'm grateful for lately. I'm so thankful for my children and feel so blessed that they are healthy. I also feel really grateful for my parents and to be able to live so close to them. I have three out of four grandparents living, close by and they are all a huge part of our lives. My husband is an amazing dad and great partner. Although I'm sure that I drive him a little nutty sometimes, I feel like he really "gets" me.

What was your big moment of 2011?

Giving birth is a biggie.

What did you do this year that you’re really proud of?

See above. It's hard work. Also I suppose surviving potty training is an accomplishment.

What word sums up 2011 for you?


What would you have done differently in 2011?

I don't have any regrets. But I do want to keep an eye on a few things for 2012. I like being busy. But I don't want to be so busy that I miss things that are going on around me. I also need to remember that if you really want something, it's up to you to make it happen. I have my eyes on some goals, and I'm not going to give up.

Best getaway of 2011.

It wasn't an exotic getaway, but we went to our family cabin in Lake Tahoe in June, two months before our son was born. We had some family and friends with us for part of the time, but we also spent a lot of time just the three of us before we became four. We unplugged, relaxed, played and just let the day take us wherever it may. We had a really, really, really great time. Our daughter begs us about every three days to take her back to Lake Tahoe.

One of the last pics of just the three of us...

One of the last pics of just the three of us...

Safety first...

Safety first...

What did your kids teach you this year?

My kids make me CRAZY happy. I think looking at everything through little person eyes again really brings back a sense of joy. I'm not sure if she was more excited about the holidays or if I was more excited about watching her experience the holidays!

What did your mom teach you this year?

I seriously have an incredible mom. I tend to like to try to do everything by myself, and my mom serves as a good reminder that I don't actually have to do everything by myself. I don't think there is a thing in the world that I couldn't ask her for a hand with. And that's a good feeling. She's always there for me.

What are you looking forward to most in 2012?

I really believe that I am going to find the life balance I have been searching for in 2012.

What is your #1 goal for 2012?

Balance! It's going to happen, I can feel it.

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