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Best Jogging Stroller: BabyTrend Falcon Jogger Review

I’m just getting started on my fitness since having my newest baby and having this shiny new stroller is sure helping!
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I wanted the best jogging stroller I could find. My previous jogging stroller was a BabyTrend jogger and they are just awesome! The BabyTrend Falcon Jogger is the best jogging stroller system for getting in shape after a baby because it is so versatile. The Falcon is great for walking, jogging and shopping. I just love the new look with the chrome and updated style. I can’t recommend it enough!

BabyTrend’s Falcon Jogger Stroller is perfect because:

1. The rear tires are filled with air.

This is so different from other kinds of strollers and makes it so easy to steer and move over tough terrain. This also gives your child a much smoother ride.

2. The bottom storage area is surprisingly large.

Which means it’s great for shopping too!

3. The top organizer is removable.

So when you’re jogging nothing is going to jiggle it’s way out or swing around. The pockets of the organizer are deep enough too that I haven’t had to worry about that much anyway.

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4. The wrist strap prevents stroller-run-away.

If you’re running, especially anywhere with traffic, this is a wonderful feature.

5. Locking front wheel.

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For jogging and easy release for strolling.

6. Multiple position reclining seat.

Meaning your child can sit up and see, or lay down and nap. I’ve also been amazed at how this stroller can easily accommodate a newborn all the way up to a five year old!

7. Removable swing-away bumper bar with a 3-position clip-on child’s tray.

I love this feature because it means that you child doesn’t have a tray in the way if they aren’t eating/drinking.

8. Easy Trigger Fold

This jogging stroller actually folds down enough that I can fit it in my car!

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9. It’s a complete Travel System

This stroller actually works with BabyTrend’s infant car seat!

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Have you ever owned a BabyTrend Jogging Stroller? Tell us your thoughts below!


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