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Best Cars for Families

Here it is! The big list of grown up cars you thought you'd never say you wanted to buy. But now you do.

Here it is! The big list of grown up cars you thought you'd never say you wanted to buy. But now you do. To my dismay, missing from the list was "The Swagger Wagon". If there were an award for best flipping over of a tea party table, the Toyota Sienna would win it all the way. However, apparently U.S. News didn't have that category top of mind when creating their "2012 Best Cars for Families" list.

The #1 top of mind issue for me when it comes to cars? Safety. Even more so since my husbands car accident. I want to know that whatever vehicle my family is rolling in is ready for the apocalypse. Safety is definitely one of the factors they use to build this list. However, I'd like to see which vehicle is #1 overall for safey.

Here they are (drumroll please):



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2012 Best Cars for Families U.S. News


For each category, the winning vehicle has the best combination of positive reviews from the automotive press, safety and reliability ratings, passenger and cargo space, as well as available features that are helpful for families. - U.S. News


If money were no object, and you could walk into a dealership (or your car purchasing arena of your choice) today, what vehicle would you choose and why?



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