Best Blogs of 2008

We scour the web looking for great blogs to highlight as our weekly Featured Blog. Here is the list of our favorites from 2008.
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We scour the web looking for great blogs to highlight as our weekly Featured Blog. Here is the list of our favorites from 2008.

Super Healthy Kids has great ideas and tips for getting your kids to eat nutritiously and the author shares her successes and failures with her own children.

Need to keep the kids busy? Make & Takes provides step by step instructions and ideas for creative fun.

Listen in on a great conversation - Four mums in 4 cities (London, Paris, Amsterdam and Milan), discuss life, kids, style and products they love at Babyccino

The Doctor Weighs In features daily posts from the contributing “TDWI” Doctors along with a running link list of news stories related to “fat, fitness, health and longevity from a medical point of view.

Shutter Sisters is an insightful and inspirational collaborative photoblog for women who share a passion for photography.

Besides being a middle-aged guy who loves cycling, The Fat Cyclist is also the father of four kids (2 boys, identical twin girls), and the husband of a woman — Susan — who is fighting metastatic breast cancer.

We love wandering around the bookstore as much as the next person, but doing that with a few kids in tow can be tough. Check out My Readable Feast to make your list of “must read” books before you head to the library or bookstore.

Start Up Princess is an online network/blog for women entrepreneurs who help women fulfill their dreams and balance home and family.

Petit Elefant is a hip stopping place for parents to find great products, fun reads, crafts, and the newest must-haves in the parenting world.

Warning: Dog lovers will become instantly addicted to photographer, Erin Vey’s, photos.

Unclutterer is a blog about getting and staying organized. (Perfect reading for post-holiday organizing.)

Every so often we come across a blog that is so laugh-out-loud funny that it becomes somewhat of an obsession for our staff. Our latest obsession – The Meanest Mom

The Juggle from discussions choices and tradeoffs people make as they juggle work and family.

The Frugal Mom shares tips on coupons, free samples, product reviews, and menu planning.


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