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Benefits of Organic Milk

Have you gone organic in the dairy section or do I have another buddy in the "regular milk" section?
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We had dinner at a friend's house the other night and the topic of organic foods came up. As we were talking about what we feed the kids, I told her that I buy regular milk, not organic. When her mouth dropped open and she almost fell over, I had a feeling that maybe I had missed a mama memo. Her disbelief prompted me to do a little more research when I got home.

You would think that I would buy organic milk. I buy organic yogurt, organic baby formula, organic fruits and vegetables, but somehow I've skipped right over milk. I've been polling my friends, and they've all looked at me like I have one loose screw and said, "yeah, don't you?" They probably all think I've been poisoning their kids during play dates.

After my little research session, I've decided to make the switch to organic. We have a little bit of regular milk left in the carton, and my new knowledge actually made me gag a little when I ate my cereal the other morning. It's taking a lot of strength to not dump the carton out. Every one has their own reason for choosing to go organic whether it's pesticides in the ground, on fruits and vegetables, antibiotics in cows, or the milk-producing hormones cows are injected with. The hormones pushed me into making the switch.

I basically feel like I'm the last person on the planet to make the change, so go ahead, lay it on me. Are there other benefits of organic milk I missed? Have you gone organic in the dairy section or do I have another buddy in the "regular milk" section?


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