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Beach Boys Dump Three Founding Members

The Beach Boys were my very first concert. I loved it so much that I saved my allowance to buy Beach Boys cassette tapes. Which makes me sound like I'm 105.

If I'm 105, that makes the Beach Boys about 398. And yet instead of heading out to the beach to enjoy the sunset, they made an announcement this week that three founding members have been dropped from the group. The "new" Beach Boys will be made up of their long-time backing band (one member being Mike Love's son), Bruce Johnston who joined in 1965 and one original founding member, Mike Love.

Apparently the three dropped members, Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, and David Marks found out after Love and Johnston released a public statement.

Now I've always been suspicious of Mike Love. Why will he never take off his baseball hat? WE ALL KNOW HE IS BALD UNDER THERE. Take it off!

I think this is a sad way for these guys to go out...thoughts?

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