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6 Tips to Create the Perfect Basement Photo Gallery Wall

6 Tips to Build the Perfect Photo Gallery

You can't scroll to far on Pinterest without seeing a fabulous photo gallery wall to die for (or dream kitchen). Sometimes you leave Pinterest hating your house, other times you leave with a good idea that works on a budget.

When I'm sick of my house and dying to tear the roof off or buy new furniture, I typically just find myself an inexpensive but fabulous print off of Etsy or I print some favorite photos and grab some IKEA frames to mix things up in the home decor department.

In this case, I had a huge wall in my basement that was in need of something big to take up space. So instead of one or two IKEA frames, I got TEN!

Outline Your Gallery

I've alluded to my husbands perfectionistic tendencies when it comes to picture hanging. I tried to convince him that we should use painters tape to layout how we would space the photo gallery on the wall. He told me he had a better idea. Poster board.

I told him it would be too time consuming to cut out squares exactly to match the IKEA frames and tape them up. Turns out, his idea was definitely better than the tape. Our ceiling is low in our basement and I was making little tweaks and adjustments to spacing until I felt like we had the right height and spacing. It was worth the extra time to make the poster board cut outs so I could easily move them around as opposed to trying to re-tape every time I made a move.

Tips for Hanging Your Photo Gallery

Work From the Center

Take a look at that tiny bit of blue tape along the baseboard on the photo above. We found the exact center of the wall and put the tape there as a reminder. We worked from the center of the wall out, hanging the poster board in the very center of the room and then working our way to the right and left from there.

Use a Level

We used a level on every single square, both when we put up the poster board outline, and when we hung them.

Pick Frames with Depth

I love the IKEA Ribba frames because they have some depth to them. They've got lots of size options and are so inexpensive compared to custom framing.

IKEA Frames for Photo Gallery Wall

Don't Spend a Fortune on Photos

Here are the photos framed and hung! I know I'm going to want to switch these prints out over time so I didn't want to spend a fortune on the photos. I got my prints for these frames from Costco.com. I didn't realize how inexpensive it was to print enlargements there. I spent less than $30. They turned out great!

IKEA Photo Gallery Wall

Black and White? Brighten the Surrounding Space

As much as I loved my photos on the wall it still needed a little pop of color underneath. I found this perfect turquoise table to brighten up the room a bit.

frame wall

Here's a look at this little corner of our house. Sometimes I just stand and stare. I think I still need some bean bags and cozy chairs . . .

family room

One more shot with my fish eye lens on my iPhone! (And with a little bit of daylight coming from the right. Grey paint looks so different from morning to night and with different light!)

TIps for Arranging Your Photo Gallery Wall

* IKEA provided the frames that I used in this photo gallery wall (and by IKEA, I mean the coolest one . . . the one in Draper, UT!)

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6 Tips To Creating The Perfect Photo Gallery


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