Bargain Babe


Bargain Babe helps readers save money on every day expenses because when you do the math, the little purchases – lunch out, a new top, a tank of gas - really add up. Sign up for my free daily updates at


Carrine Ann Photography Blog

My blog showcases my latest photography sessions. I also share "What to Wear ideas" and photo products. My website address is I specialize in Newborn photography in Arizona within Metro Phoenix and surrounding areas but I also work with babies, children and families.

Whatever DeeDee Wants, She's Gonna Get it

Whatever Dee Dee wants {she's gonna get it} is a life-style blog updated daily with shopping finds (for both kids and adults), crafts, recipes, reading/movie lists, giveaways, daily life and much more.

Angry Julie Monday

Don't know about Angry Julie yet? Her photographs, chronicles of earnest crafting, one son, a geek husband, and work as a CSI, make for a great read.

Beth Dreyer Photography

This blog was originally started as the blog for my photography business, but it is really a shared business/personal blog. I regularly share my parenting woes and hilarious experiences, and while I was pregnant I kept 'pregnancy blogs' that my readers loved.