Is Barbie On Her Way Out Or The New Poster Girl For Self-Love?

Barbie has sure been through a lot over the years. Is her latest fight against body image critics too "#unapologetic"?
Is Barbie On Her Way Out Or The New Poster Girl For Self-Love? #unapologetic

After years of reigning as the top-selling doll of all time, Barbie's sales have been down for the past few years, and as a result, Barbie-maker Mattel is launching a campaign to revive the seemingly "perfectly proportioned" doll's popularity.


Mattel just launched a campaign featuring the hashtag "unapologetic," encouraging little girls to follow Barbie's example and not apologize for how they look. She's currently gracing a billboard in Times Square and will be featured in the 50th anniversary issue of Sports Illustrated's famed swimsuit issue coming out Feb. 18th. A limited-edition Sports Illustrated Barbie will be sold exclusively at

The idea behind the campaign is to reconnect her to girls who often receive criticism for how they look. Barbie is no stranger to backlash for her unrealistic proportions that critics say present an equally unrealistic body image to young girls.

What do you think? Is Barbie too big a part of the "princess culture" so many moms have grown to hate, or are you on board with her decision to be "unapologetic" for how she looks? Leave a comment below!