Back to School Lunch Box Ideas


Preschool starts back up again in a few weeks, and I have her signed up for lunch bunch. It's my first time sending her to school with a packed lunch, and I don't want to flub it up. She's a pretty good eater, so I'm not really worried about whether or not she'll eat what I pack her.

I'm much more worried about being judged by the teachers. Who probably in actuality don't even really notice. But still.

I don't want to be the mom of the kid who cracks open their lunchbox to a squished PB&J and a bruised banana. I've got to rock this...

Click here to link to Family Fresh Cooking and their ideas for some truly fabulous back to school lunches. You may just want to pack up some of this stuff for yourself!

Image from Family Fresh Cooking

Image from Family Fresh Cooking

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