Baby Sling Pattern

Babywearing is one of my greatest loves! Having my baby close to me while still 'arms free' to do other important things...what more does a new mama want?

Babywearing is one of my greatest loves! Having my baby close to me while still 'arms free' to do other important things (like sewing!), easy napping and nursing, settled and happy baby...what more does a new mama want? (sleep! i know!)


I'm of the opinion that you can never have too many slings. A nice sling is easy (and affordable) to make, so you can put my theory to the test and try out different types of sling to see what works best for you and your little one. This month, from my humble kitchen I'll show you (yes you! these are perfect beginning sewing projects) how to make both a wrap sling and a ring sling and how to put your baby in (and out!) of them. I hope you enjoy!

Emily :)

baby slings from embers on Vimeo.



Felted Easter Egg with Chick

Felting Fun

I just love to take something and turn it into something else – turning basic supplies into crafty-goodness! This month I made another video tutorial for you demonstrating the fun you can have with wool roving.

cloth baby shoes

Cloth Baby Shoes

Sew Mama Sew featured these adorable orange cloth baby shoes from Jennifer Ladd, along with links to a bunch of DIY baby shoe tutorials. What a fantastic project to use those scraps up!

More Wear From Your Wardrobe

Kids clothes are always turning up in the laundry with mysterious stains, holes and other delights. I won’t throw something away unless it is 100% trashed – there are lots of fun ways to fix the problems!

handmade holiday card cover

Easy Handmade Holiday Cards

I’m ashamed to admit that last years Christmas cards went out somewhere around the 22nd of December - not even a magician could make them arrive in Australia for the big day, what with the time difference and all.

green christmas wrapping idea leftover cards emily falconbridge

Green Christmas Ideas

Kermit the frog claims it isn’t easy being green…but with a little creativity – I think it is! All you need is a fresh set of eyes and an open mind to notice the little things that you can do to make a difference this holiday season.