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Auntie Jen’s Lunch Cards

I’m I am constantly humbled by the general wonderfulness of my sister-in-law Jennifer:
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The woman was created by a marriage of Awesome and Amazing, and she proves it daily.  Because she (and the rest of The Todd’s family) live in Maine and New Hampshire, when she does see the twins she takes a lot of pictures and makes Auntie Jen’s Lunch Cards.  Since school is about to start again, I thought it would be a fun project for lunch boxes and backpacks.

Jen Jen takes pictures of happy memories, puts them on construction paper and writes a sweet message on the back.  She leaves enough room on the front for us to write a note to Z&M for the day, like “good luck on your test,” or “we’re going swimming when you get home!”  They pull the note out with their lunch and always remember how much their family loves them.  I’d love to see pictures of your Lunch Note Cards if you try this…please send them over.

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