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April Showers Bring May Flowers

The month of April is known for it's cold rainy weather so we're making the most of our time indoors with crafts.

The month of April is known for its cold rainy weather. As we've already been experiencing the rain here in Utah, at times even still snow, we're making the most of our time indoors with crafts. Here are a few crafts that help make the rain go away!

Rainy Day Art by Let's Explore (pictured above)
Paper Plate Umbrella by Ramblings of a Crazy Woman
Make a Rainy Day Jar by Make and Takes


Colors of a Rainbow by Playful Learning (pictured above)
Rainy Day Hopscotch by Little Elephants
Craft a Rain Stick by Make and Takes

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Marie is a crafter, foodie, and mother of 3. Come visit her blog for more crafty fun, Make and Takes.


April Showers Bring May Diets©

I don’t know what all the hoopla is about spring finally arriving. Not that I’m a big fan of the winter and weather so cold that your nostrils stick together when you inhale, but at least in winter, nobody can tell if you gained any weight because you’re covered up in thick sweaters and bulky jackets. But then spring rolls around and suddenly its panic time because you know that summer is just around the corner and you’ll have to put on a bathing suit and the truth will come out that you did not spend every breathing minute at the gym as you said you did and did not survive on protein bars but instead ate more than your fair share of Krispy Kremes for about six months running.

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April Shower Parties Bring May Flowers

Here in the Seattle area, we appreciate the sun when we get it.

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Spring Crafts

March is a great month for crafting! With Spring in the air and St. Patty's Day just ahead, there's much to celebrate with crafts.

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Valentine's Day Make and Takes

Here are some fun crafts that you can do with your family this Valentines, keeping the LOVE alive!


A Dream in the Making

Marie is the creative mom behind the kids crafting blog, Make and Takes. See who inspires her and find out what she’s got her eye on next. (Hint: it involves fishnets!)

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Flower Bulb Baby Shower Favors

Flower Bulb Baby Shower Favors


The Editor’s April Favorites

April was a good one, folks. Lots of good stuff on the world wide web and lots of fun at our house. We felt the big spring tease here and promptly rushed out to buy sunglasses...


The Editor’s May Favorites

May was a great month. I will be sad to see it go. Here are a few of the online goodies that caught my eye this month.