April Shower Parties Bring May Flowers

Here in the Seattle area, we appreciate the sun when we get it.
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How about embracing the rain and make it a party theme? Check out these amazing parties with fun details like umbrellas, rainboots and lots of rain drops!

Guests at this lovely party from A. Party Style were asked to bring new or gently used donations of books, toys and pajamas for the children of Japan. I love that  guests were invited to wear their rainboots to make them part of the decor.

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A literal shower theme for a baby shower is perfect! Lisa Storms (really?) from Fiskarsshares great details like how she makes the raindrop from a simple punch and cloud accents.

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I’m in LOVE with Crossing The Bugger-Dixon Line’s party! She has great tutorial on her straw garlands and embellished umbrella favors.

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Wouldn’t you have loved to be at Creating Cupcakes‘ Rainy Day birthday with lemon drop favors and a fun photo back drop?

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Lullaby Lubbock’s theme was Noah’s Ark, but don’t think I missed her raindrops,  clouds and umbrella favors.


April Showers Bring May Diets©

I don’t know what all the hoopla is about spring finally arriving. Not that I’m a big fan of the winter and weather so cold that your nostrils stick together when you inhale, but at least in winter, nobody can tell if you gained any weight because you’re covered up in thick sweaters and bulky jackets. But then spring rolls around and suddenly its panic time because you know that summer is just around the corner and you’ll have to put on a bathing suit and the truth will come out that you did not spend every breathing minute at the gym as you said you did and did not survive on protein bars but instead ate more than your fair share of Krispy Kremes for about six months running.