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Amy's Evo12 Recap - Sweet, Inspiring with a Splash of Daredevil

What could be better than evo’12? How about sharing the FOOD of evo’12 with my best friends, in the dark? Yes, my evo’12 experience included inspiring messages from Shot@Life and some serious hammering at the Lowe’s Challenge, but ALSO included some awe-inspiring food encounters. Here's my evo 12 recap!

Food-inspired Building Project - The Lemonade Stand

Food-inspired Building Project - The Lemonade Stand

For starters, I enjoyed a Harry & David pear and some sharp white cheddar cheese in my room before treating myself to some guacamole at the Canyon’s Red Tail Grill on Thursday. Just a teaser before Friday night’s Hands-On Guacamole-Making Contest and Demo and 3-course meal from the California Avocado Commission, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to Thursday.

Thursday night was a Progressive Dessert Party around the resort. Also known as a race to visit all the suites, catch up with all your friends and sample EVERY dessert on the table. The word favorite should always have an ‘s’ at the end, because who can really say they only like ONE thing?

Chocolate Strawberries

Chocolate-dipped strawberries at the Disneyland Suite, Adult and Kid Snow Cones shared with our Lowe’s/Whirlpool gals, Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Tarts alongside Peanut Butter & Jelly Truffles in the Proctor & Gamble Suite, a PediaSure Sidekicks slurpee-style frozen treat, and a S’mores Pie and Rolo McFlurry from McDonald’s. May I take that McFlurry machine home, please?

Can’t you just feel the sugar overload already?

Soft Food Toys in PediaSure Suite

Soft Food Toys in PediaSure Suite

Of course, you could take a break and play with your food, too!

How did they know I was craving a soft pretzel?

How did they know I was craving a soft pretzel?

In case you believe in a thing such as "too much chocolate", thank goodness there were snack breaks with salted soft pretzels. Thank You, Proctor & Gamble.

On Friday, we waited with baited breath for auxiliary power so we could load the Orange Bubble the ride to California Avocado Heaven.

California Avocado Growers Sign

Did you know that nearly 80 percent of all avocados worldwide are of the Hass variety? Yesiree, we have Mr. Rudie Hass, a California avocado grower of the 1920, to thank for growing the Hass Mother Tree, the biological parent to little Hass baby trees everywhere.

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Guacamole Making Challenge Ingredients

The Hands-On Food Workshop started with a Guacamole Challenge. After seeing the endless possibilities for guacamole ingredients, you may want to host your own guacamole-making challenge! Carina’s team certainly impressed us all with her prize-winning recipe. I felt lucky to be in the room and still receive Honorable Mention for our Bad “Hass” Jackie Chan Asian-inspired Guacamole. Soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, mango, lime and “Kick-In-the-Pants” Anaheim chilies were just some of our daredevil ingredients.

After the competition, we were treated to a food demo by Mary Sue and Susan. They cooked and we ate, and BOY- did we eat! Here’s their recipe for Smokey Bean, Bacon and California Avocado Tostadas. Crispy, delicious – This multiple-layered meal can be prepped in pieces and assembled just before your guests arrive. Pair the Tostada with the Crunchy Quinoa-Crusted California Avocado Fritters and you’ve got a party!

Saturday did not disappoint as we headed to Park City Mountain Resort for the Closing Party and Alpine Coaster Rides. We enjoyed Red Trout with Cucumber Creme Fraiche and cute Lemon Custard Tarts.

Fresh Trout with Cucumber Creme Fraiche
Photo by Melinda Jae Photography

Photo by Melinda Jae Photography

With all the food intake, what better way to feel good about yourself than yoga with the lovely ladies from SoftCup?

Photo by Melinda Jae Photography

Photo by Melinda Jae Photography

How do I recap my evo’12 and food experiences? Sweet, inspiring and dare devilish! Even as I headed home, I knew I had lunch in the bag, literally!

Back to Nature Crazy Bugs Dinner

My daughter loved the taste of the Back to Nature Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, then said, “You’re EAT-ing BUGS!” If evo’12 can inspire my family to be daring enough to “eat bugs”, then I know we’re ready for the next recipe challenge.

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