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Amy's 2011 Recap

In looking back at 2011, our family theme feels like “Work Hard, Play Hard." My sensible sidekick, Matt, has reminded me to breathe and to smile. We managed to pack a LOT into 365 days.

Amy’s 2011 Recap

In looking back at 2011, our family theme feels like “Work Hard, Play Hard”. We interrupted our routines for some dream vacations. I’ve seen each child become more of themselves. My sensible sidekick, Matt, has reminded me to breathe and to smile. We managed to pack a LOT into 365 days. I’ll start big and go from there:

Playing Hard…

Best getaway(s) of 2011

  • The 18-month countdown ended in March with a trip to Disney World and a Disney cruise with Grams, the cousins and Mickey. We planned, dreamed, studied and packed, spent 10 days playing and have been talking about it ever since, really.
  • Bi-annual trip to the North Carolina coast with Grandpa and cousins
  • A bucket-list trip to the US Open Tennis tournament in New York with my sweetie. I will stay up past midnight to watch tennis (Australian Open anyone?)

My Favorite Finds

Beauty Find: No. 7 Serum

Boots No 7 Serum

My desert-dwelling skin soaks it in and it makes me feel scientific to say the word, “serum”.

Kid Finds: Lego people

Food Find:

Pina Colada Mixer

Pina Coladas - because my #2 was WAY outnumbered by girl cousins and needed a special treat with mama in the Bahamas. We bring out the plastic coconut cups at least once a week to celebrate and reminisce.

Pop-Culture Finds: Watching Jimmy Fallon is worth losing sleep

Tech & Gadgets Finds: Goodbye to 14 years of Blackberries & Palm Pilots...hello iPhone!

Favorite things that embarrass me and horrify my family: Cake eating contests. Take no prisoners...I will always win!

Favorites from 2011:

Song: The Harry Potter anthem or Star Wars theme, plunked out on the piano by my girl, a student of four months. Really, this is the soundtrack of our life. Pretty Darn Amazing to this mama.

Album: Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

My husband is my source for all things cool in music. He’d found this Canadian band, Arcade Fire, in early 2010 and shared their new album with me. Lo and behold, it won Album of the Year (poor Justin Bieber fans) and we already had tickets to the concert. Every year should have a concert where you feel your bones shaking.

Arcade Fire The Suburbs

TV Show: The Amazing Race

Movie: Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 – The finale was a perfect finish to a series I’ve enjoyed for many years. We started reading #1 as a family this summer. Best “re-reads” ever.

Book: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Phone App: Camera Plus, PhotoSync and Grover’s The Monster at the End of This Book

YouTube Video: This is My Story by Ben Breedlove

Eye Candy: Food Gawker

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This year in social networking...

Favorite Facebook status update:


Most regrettable Facebook status update:


Favorite tweet:

Amys Tweet

Favorite Pinterest Boards: Melissa knows how to throw a party! and My Polka Dots board= happiness!

Polka Dots Board

Blogging in 2011/Working Hard

What great blogs did you discover this year? SouleMama , JoytheBaker and BriarPress

What did your favorite blogger teach you this year? Live Your Dreams—the collective message I took from the awesome speakers at evo’11

Building evo

Favorite post of 2011: The beginning of my attempts at food blogging - Berry Trifle

Favorite photo of 2011

Best Chocolate Cupcake

What would you have done differently in 2011? Worry less. I stressed over flat heads, wet pants and unfinished work..oh well.

What did your kids teach you this year? Hugs are always good. Moms need time outs too. Giggling can be contagious. Be somebody every day.

Be some body

What did your mom teach you this year? How to make and dip mint fudge truffles. The journey is as much fun as the destination. She had each grandchild “earn” their boat ticket by reading and reporting on 20 books in 2010. What a great influence she is!

What did you do this year that you’re really proud of?

  • Knit my first (baby) sweater
  • Helped a little bit with evo’11
  • Stopped getting upset about bathroom accidents (mostly)

Kicked to the curb this year: Weeding, menu planning and personal exercise

Particularly grateful for: Routines – 2011= same house, same number of kids, same jobs & minimal drama

Big moment of 2011: See trips of a lifetime above

Word that sums up 2011 for you: Fast

Looking forward to most in 2012: Pushing exercise up the list (by sleeping more and earlier)

My #1 goal for 2012: Slow down and enjoy



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