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A Techy Mom's Nerd Paradise

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Kris Cain is mom to 2 sets of twins, photography nut, gadget addict, web designer, and blogger who has worked in IT for over 13 years.

On her blog, she writes about her love of gadgets , her children, and anything else that crosses her mind. You can find her from day to day on Twitter and Facebook. She is editor of the Family Technology section on Type-A Mom and National Apple Gear & Chicago Tech Gear writer on She has been involved in Social Media for around 10 years.

Kris was a featured speaker at the Type-A Mom conference, 2009. She also spoke at the first ever Gleek Retreat blogging retreat. Later this year, she will speak at Type-A Mom Conference 2010, and Blogalicious 2010. She has been featured in several articles both online and in print, been interviewed for a book, and has even been on the cover of a local newspaper for Mother’s Day. She has connected with great companies such as AT&T, HP, eBay, Chevy, Cozi, Little Debbie, Google, CNN, NBC, Verizon, and more.

Kris figured out a while ago that she was destined to be really busy (hence the 2 sets of twins), and she has found peace with that.

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