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A New Look For Barbie

Oh, I guess Barbie's got ankles that bend now too so she can even wear flats!
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So, Mattel made a pretty huge announcement today about a new look for Barbie.

"According to Mattel, Barbie will now come in four body types and seven skin tones, with 22 eye colors and 24 hairstyles. In all, 33 dolls will roll out in stages", spokeswoman Michelle Chidoni said.

So, that's pretty cool. Barbie got some curves, some color, and a little bit of diversity.

Barbie is an icon to be sure, but the times, they are obviously a changing and for the better I think.

If I had a daughter I'd feel a lot more comfortable handing over a Barbie to play with if she was a more realistic representation of the female body and all of its many variations rather a standard big rack, tiny waist, hips that have clearly never seen childbirth, and sexy arched feet that only fit heels.

Oh, I guess Barbie's got ankles that bend now too so she can even wear flats. After almost 60 years of heels, I bet those dogs are barking something FIERCE (I mean, she's even been to space in heels...).

What do you think about this new look for Barbie? Is Barbie a big thing at your house, or in your own childhood? I had a Barbie or two, mostly the generic kind gifted to me by my Grandma. I was way more into My Little Pony personally because hello, farm girl here.

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Bye-Bye Barbie

I think Barbie has gained a few pounds since I played with her. But she still seems awfully thin in her movie Barbie Diaries, which I watched five times last week.