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A New Green Fridge - HFC Free - Not for Me


I discovered this cool new fangled "green" fridge on Cool Mom Tech this morning.

GE Monogram

The refrigerator is HFC-free with LED lighting. And it's pretty. That is, in A CATALOG. Regardless of the priciness of the fridge ($6,500 +) would you ever want to buy a fridge with a window on the front? I mean, the greeness makes me feel better about the environment but that big window on the front of it makes me feel worse about my life every time I pass by and see that my kids have put the cheese back in the wrong spot.

Maybe if I had all kinds of time on my hands to create a great window display of my food and wares - but really if you look into my fridge right now I'm happy to close the door and not think about which way my labels are turned. I don't need one more thing on my list to try and make neat in my house.

All of the cool greeness aside, I'm convinced the fridge was designed by a single, earth loving, foodie who entertains at great measure, not an earth loving mommy who is busy and hates to clean the fridge.

However, maybe they did get the design right. Maybe only a single, earth loving, foodie can afford a $6500 fridge.

Note to General Electric: Will you please have Jack Donaghy give me a call when you come out with an eco-friendly GE Monogram for people with children and lives?

Jack Donaghy GE


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