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A Jar Junkie’s Creative Ideas for Jar Crafts

Ok, I admit it. I’m a bit addicted to Pinterest. And through the pins I’ve collected, I’ve become a bit of a jar junkie.
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As an avid candle burner, I’ve collected dozens of empty candle jars that sat on a shelf in my basement until recently when I discovered the BRILLIANT ideas on Pinterest for recycling my jars and other jars like mason jars.  And the best part is that you can get jars from 3 main sources at a nice low cost, your own stuff,  yard sales and dollar stores.

Not only can they give the house a vintage feel, jars truly can be used for HUNDREDS of uses.

I’ve collected many on my Pinterest board. Here’s a little taste at some of the creative, crafty, fun things you can stuff in a jar as jar crafts.


These look AMAZING and if you have the time, it’s a sweet and lovely option for parties or hostess gifts  You can create a jar with almost anything:

  • cookies
  • Layered puddings
  • cheesecakes
  • popcorn
  • nuts and seeds
  • spices
  • disaster meals
  • salads
  • fruits


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Want a fabulous idea for a table setting or an outdoor party where the wind may be blowin?  Use tea lights or votives (in glass holders) in jars and held in place by various colorful and fun bases like

  • rice
  • sand
  • salt
  • rocks
  • shells
  • acorns
  • nuts
  • berries
  • lavender
  • and jars themselves can be wrapped in:
  • twine
  • paper
  • ribbons
  • holly
  • spray painted
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Other ideas:

Jars can be made in terrariums and pretty crafts by

  • spraying with paint or chalkboard paint
  • planting in them
  • modge podge and leaves or newspaper or sheet music
  • old photos in a jar
  • vacation souvenirs like shells in a jar
  • christmas ornaments and sprigs in jars on table
  • a collection of jars with flowers

For home made gifts you can:

  • make bath salts and out in a pretty jar
  • make body scrubs
  • layer ingredients to make cookies
  • stuff with s’mores ingredients
  • stuff with cash and dollar coins
  • make room freshener jars
  • stuff with assorted candy and nuts

Wow! That’s just getting started! The creativity never ends when it comes to jars. Some people store laundry powder in them, cat or dog food, crayons, pens, old ticket stubs, motivational marbles, chinese fortune cookies, toothpicks, cotton balls, matches….what ideas do YOU have for recycling jars?


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Mummy Mason Jar Craft

Mummy Mason Jar Craft

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jams and jellies in handpainted jars

jams and jellies in handpainted jars

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