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A Better After School Routine and a $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

Just after the holidays wrapped up and the kids went back to school, we realized that our afternoon and evening routines were off.

Once the holiday to-do’s and commitments had left our calendar, we got...uh...well we got lazy.

There is a fine line, friends, between enjoying your new Legos and just straight up not getting out of the house and moving your body. It was making us cranky and stir-crazy.

We started with something easy. Throwing on our snow gear and heading out to the backyard. Then we were graced with some abundantly sunny days and the bike Santa brought my son was calling his name.

A Better After School Routine

Throwing on our winter gear became a regular thing and the fresh air and activity did us all good.

What this “let’s GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE” mandate actually morphed into was a more present and purposeful after school routine. So even if we weren’t going to get outside, we were sure as heck going to do SOMETHING.

Head to the library…

A Better After School Routine

Get buck wild at the indoor bouncy house place…

A Better After School Routine
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An important part of our after school fun, is a SNACK!

My girl is a 2nd grader and my son is in preschool and re-entry into sharing the house (and Mom) is a bit bumpy sometimes. Plopping them down to have a quick snack gave my 2nd grader a chance to mellow out from her day at school and my preschooler a chance to chatter away at her, telling her all about his day.

We like our snacks to be quick, (we’re burnin’ daylight!) a mix of healthy and fun, (so they are excited about it) and just filling enough so they’ll still dig into dinner in a few hours (learned that lesson the hard way.)

These Fisher Nut Exactly clusters are bite sized clusters of roasted nuts, whole grain popcorn dipped in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter, or salted caramel—and they go marvelously with some apples, oranges, or carrot sticks.

A Better After School Routine

My kids LOVE them. And these bags have been accompanying us on our outdoor adventures, when their desire to GET OUTSIDE has overwhelmed their enthusiasm for snack time.

A Better After School Routine

A great combo of sweet and salty/crunchy, and at only 15-16 calories per cluster (and no artificial ingredients), it’s easy to say yes to a few Fisher Nut Exactly clusters without spoiling the next meal.

A Better After School Routine

We want you to try them for yourself, so we’re giving away a prize pack that includes Fisher Nut Exactly varieties and a $50 gift card so you can go do something fun after school with your kiddos!

To enter, simply comment below sharing your favorite after school activity.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Fisher . The opinions and text are all mine.


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