9 Winter Olympics Party Ideas

Sure the Summer Games get the biggest spotlight, but the Winter Olympics sustains us for a month of winter every four years. Here are 9 easy ways to throw a Winter Olympics party and celebrate from home!

The Winter Olympics holds a special place in my heart. Sure the Summer Games get more attention, but the Winter Olympics sustains us for a month of cold every four years. In our house, we eat mashed potato soup, drink beer, and we encourage our kids to make their own version of curling in the entry hall -- now that's my idea of a good winter night.

Here are 9 easy ideas for throwing your own 2014 Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies Party. I threw in a few Russian items to keep it real, Sochi style.

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1. This Team USA evite gets everyone in the mood to see our red-white-and-blue marching through Olympic stadium. The official ceremony begins at 8pm (Eastern Standard Time) on NBC.

2. Make an Olympic Medal Stand like Tania McCartney's and have some inexpensive medals on hand for photo ops.

3. Party City carries a similar International Flag Banner for $4.99!

4. Apples and ABC's has the easiest kids craft--paint Olympic rings with cups and craft paint!

5. Snowball fights aren't an Olympic sport, but it's a ton of fun to have an indoor snowball fight with rolled up white socks! Growing a Jeweled Rose makes a pretty snowman bin or you can just use the rolled-socks-in-a-bucket idea.

6. Get patriotic with a "Go USA" beaded bracelet (or whatever country you're from) like this one from No Time for Flash Cards. You could also do patriotic-themed Rainbow Loom bracelets or knotted friendship bracelets.

7. Olympic Games Iced Sugar Cookies by The Decorated Cookie (or buy Krispy Kreme donuts and throw some colored icing on those puppies!)

8. White Russian Cupcakes by PheNOMenal in honor of the host -- Sochi, Russia.

9. An Olympic Rings Vodka Martini is the perfect union of Russian vodka with international spirit. Capital Cooking by Lauren DeSantis wins the gold for this cocktail!

Winter Olympics Party

* Image altered from Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Pictograms

What's your favorite part of the Winter Olympics and how do you celebrate from home?