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75 Activities for Toddlers

My daughter hasn't taken a nap in about six months. And oh how our world has changed. As much as I love that little energizer bunny, I will admit that I miss those little three hour siestas she used to take. It was a time of battery recharging, accomplishing things and peace.

Without that little three hour rest period, the afternoon tends to seem incredibly long. Since filling these looming hours with a Dora marathon isn't exactly the recommended way to go, it's time to get crafty. Click here to read about 75 TV Free Activities for Toddlers by No Time for Flash Cards.

These ideas are amazingly simple, easy to put together and will leave you wondering, "Hey, why didn't I think of that?" May your afternoon pass quickly and tantrum free.

Photo credit by No Time for Flash Cards

Photo credit by No Time for Flash Cards

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