6 Tips for Easy Baby Shower Treats

Planning the perfect food for a Baby Shower can be stressful.
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Here are a few tips for making things easy!

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1. Consider your theme (and have a theme)

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This particular shower had an EASY theme-“In Bloom.” Some showers I’ve attended haven’t had a theme and I find that it really streamlines things if you have one. I typically like to match the baby’s nursery so that everything can possibly be re-used later on. For this one I went with garden party style treats-mini cupcakes, cream puffs and fresh fruit.

2. Make Reasonable Serving Sizes

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The biggest mistake I make when I do a shower with all treats is that I make my serving sizes too big. I like full sizes pieces of cake and full-size cupcakes but if you make everything full-size people will typically only take one treat, maybe two. For this shower I made everything petite so the opportunity to try everything was there without needing to pig out! I’ve also find creating serving sizes (like I did with the carrot cake above) makes people less shy to try things-leaving it as a sheet cake can cause people to pause before they cut themselves a piece.

3. Choose Recipes That Can Be Made Ahead

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I hate baking the day of a party. For this shower I made all recipes that could be done in the days before the shower and the only thing I had to do the day of was frost them. The vanilla cupcakes stored great, the apple crumble cheesecake bars need to be made ahead of time so they can cool, and so does my carrot cake recipe! Planning ahead like this make serving homemade treats SUPER easy!!

4. Sometimes Store-Bought is Best!

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These cream-puffs from Costco are my favorite every.time. They are SO yummy and are the perfect addition to absolutely any party. Don’t be afraid to grab a few things pre-made from the store. I always try to bake/make at least one homemade treat when I throw a shower…but I’m not afraid to make my life a little easier and order some sugar cookies either! I love how these fit into the mini-floral wrappers too!!

5. Don’t Forget Drinks

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As cute as water-bottle wrappers are, I’m glad I purchased a drink dispenser. I’ve used it over and over again at parties and saved myself some money. I have 2 signature drinks I make-this one is watermelon, strawberries and rosemary in water. It is so fresh and delicious. The second is my secret lemonade: you mix equal parts cans of frozen lemonade and country time (with appropriate water) and throw in some sliced lemons. People ask me for the recipe every time. Clear cups and paper straws are the perfect way to show off these pretty drinks!

6. Consider Your Guests

I always attempt to have SOMETHING that every one can eat, be they gluten-free, vegan or just on a diet. Fresh fruit or vegetables typically covers that group of people, but if you know you have a large group of dieters coming, be sure to know ahead of time and bake accordingly.

I hope these tips have helped! Stay tuned for more posts in our May Showers Series!