Summer of Service

One of the best ways to teach your children to be service-oriented is to model the behavior for them. With that in mind, I created the Summer of Service (SOS) Challenge. It's easy, fun, and will make a big difference.

Guest Post from Jyl Johnson Pattee:

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I recently wrote an article on MomItForward.com about 10 tips for raising charitable, giving children and it got me thinking. One of the best ways to teach your children to be service-oriented is to model the behavior for them. With that in mind, I created the Summer of Service (SOS) Challenge. It's easy, fun, and will make a big difference.

The SOS Challenge

Make a meaningful difference this summer by taking the Summer of Service (SOS) Challenge. Here’s how:

Commit to do one act of kindness each week based on the week’s challenge.

Leave a comment on MomItForward.com with ideas relating to the week’s challenge as well as your experience(s) performing it.

Grab the SOS button and put it on your blog or social networking site.

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Enter to win each week’s giveaway.

Join #gno to connect with other MomItForward.com moms about the challenge.

The Giveaways

The fun part? Each week, a different company will be sponsoring the challenge and they come bearing gifts! You can enter to win one of the giveaway prizes every week.

Last Week’s Challenge: Make Some Music & Make a Difference

Week 1 included a Twitter Girl’s Night Out (#gno) with recording artist Diane Birch along with these music oriented ideas on how YOU can make a difference.

  • Teach your children your three favorite childhood songs. Perform them for others.
  • Play an instrument with your child or sign your child up for music lessons.
  • Share your musical talent(s) with others—to friends or family, over the phone or skype to loved ones that live far away, to strangers: at a nursing home or to a homeless person.
  • Dedicate a song on the radio, on Twitter, on Facebook, or on your blog to someone you care about.
  • Share the gift of music with someone by sending them an iTunes gift card, a CD, etc.
  • Find out your dad’s 10 favorite songs, download, and burn them onto a CD for him for Father’s day.
  • Send a loved one a letter/message with the words to a song that sums up your feelings for him/her.
  • Set a great tone in your home by playing music in the background.
  • Make up stories about classical music (or other wordless songs) and tell them to your children as the music is playing.
  • Dance with your children!

Go to MomItForward.com to see the SOS Challenge for this week.


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