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5 Things for My Health in 2011

I've got high hopes. High hopes for avoiding sugar, eating whole foods, exercising, sleeping more, and thanks to my friend Breanne a firmer commitment to an intense skin care regiment.

I've got high hopes. High hopes for avoiding sugar, eating whole foods, exercising, sleeping more, and thanks to my friend Breanne a firmer commitment to an intense skin care regiment (she literally screamed out loud in horror when I told her what a slacker I was).

Some things I'm trying to focus on:

Here and there I'm trying to insert some homeade alternatives to the typically store bought things that can fill your house. I stole an awesome recipe from Erin for granola and I want to make it at least once a month and keep the jars stacked with healthy options for the kids. Her stuff is packed with goodness!

A Cleanse
I've done the Standard Process cleanse in the past. It's intense, but it does the job. It's a little pricey ($150-$250) depending on what you want to do. But I loved how I felt at the end and I've had other friends who've had amazing results with it. You eat lots and lots of veggies.

I also found a blogger who's done a great job at putting together day by day recipes for the Standard Process cleanse. I think I'll give her version a shot!

Look how pretty Mommypotamus makes it look!

Look how pretty Mommypotamus makes it look!

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Don't Act Like a Shut in
It's winter time. I tire of it quickly. And yeah, it's that time of year in Utah where if you even went out for a walk in your neighborhood it would be the equivalent to smoking 4 packs of cigarettes. Thank you inversion. So honestly - I want to get into my Wii Fit games and bust a move with Just Dance in addition to riding my spin bike.

Just Dance

Group Classes
My body does a lot more for me when I'm surrounded by other bodies. Thus, when I consistently go to my PowerFlex class at the local rec center, I quickly because iron woman. (well at least I feel like that as I think soar muscles automatically mean I've become fit over night).

You won't find me Zumba'ing around a packed room, but someone with my level of coordination can certainly handle throwing around a few light weights.

Oh how I love it and I don't do it enough. I've got a studio close to my house and I need to get in there. However as soon as my husband gets clearance from his doctor I'm going to say that yoga will become our date night. He had his back fused and he's got all kinds of hardware, thinking yoga will be good for him.

Yoga Mat from Bean Products

So there are my 5 things. I didn't focus on dropping 5 pounds or becoming a size 5. But those are 5 random things I can do to make my health a bit better (even if I end up eating entire batches of homemade granola at one time).


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