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5 Thanksgiving Potato Recipes

You can put all the gravy you want on lumpy and dry mashed potatoes. You're going to wish you were eating these!
5 Thanksgiving Potato Recipes

Let's talk potatoes.

You've got roasted, fried, mashed, baked, scalloped and the list goes on. They're the real deal.

And potatoes on Thanksgiving? You don't want to blow it.

As I've previously mentioned in my 11 Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dishes post, I could care LESS about that big old turkey. So when you're not into the turkey and you bite into bland and lumpy potatoes, well, a tear actually just came to my eye. It's a Thanksgiving dinner disappointment. BIG TIME.

Don't be the host with the lumpy potatoes. Blow their minds at the table with glorious potato dishes that range from classic to downright adventurous and let the fans of Thanksgiving sides rejoice and marvel at your cooking skills. Keep reading for 5 Thanksgiving Potato blandness anywhere to be found.

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Cheesy Ranch Potatoes from Six Sisters' Stuff

Duchess Potatoes from The Pioneer Woman

Individual Herbed Potato Gratins from Williams-Sonoma Wine

Very Best Mashed Potatoes from Steamy Kitchen

Crispy Chipotle Potato Tian from Oh My Veggies

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