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5 Reasons to Use MINTED For Your Birth Announcements and Christening Invitations

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I am so impressed with minted. They offer the cutest designs for birth announcements and christening invitations. I wasn't sure what we were going to do about inviting everyone to our son's blessing and they quickly took care of that problem! Isn't the design so darling?

Minted Baby Announcements and Blessing Christening Invitations-1

I love minted for 5 reasons:

1. The Quality

The paper is so thick and luxe. I have been able to write notes and thank you's on the back of our birth announcements with absolutely no worries about pen bleeding through or smearing. I love the texture and sturdiness of the envelopes too! I'm a sucker for beautiful printing and they know just what I like!

Minted Baby Announcements and Blessing Christening Invitations-5

2. Cute Designs

I am very picky when it comes to design and usually insist on laying everything out myself. Their designs are simple, fresh and so cute. I was able to quickly find a design that worked with my picture AND a matching design for the blessing invite. I just love everything they have!

Beyond birth announcements and christening invites they have the cutest birthday invites, holiday cards and even stationary for you kiddos! It's all so fun!

3. Find it Fast

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This made choosing an announcement design super easy! After setting up an account and uploading a few pictures I was able to preview all of the baby announcement designs at the same time with my picture! It helped me narrow down my search quickly and I loved seeing all of the different options with my own image!

4. Easy to Use


Minted makes it easy to personalize their designs. I was able to choose colors, personalize wording, choose a shape-and it was so easy. Their website is straightforward and simple to understand, and you can have all of your designs proofread before printing to be sure it's all perfect.

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5. Recipient Addressing

Minted Baby Announcements and Blessing Christening Invitations-6

It's just so pretty. And ridiculously convenient. I uploaded my address list, typed in a few additional people and ta-da! All of my addressing is done! This is brilliant too because when I need to do Christmas cards all of my addresses are already saved and ready to go! I also love the skinny wraps for return addresses-isn't that a fun touch of color that wraps around the back?

Minted Baby Announcements and Blessing Christening Invitations-10

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