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5 Kids Hairstyling Tips From A Late Bloomer

Here’s what a non-girly mama with ZERO hair skills has learned through trial and error (and YouTube videos) and the non-styling tricks that make our hairy household run smoothly.
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My daughter is 8.

I’ve only VERY recently been able to feel like I’ve got a grip on doing her hair.

Which is a bit on the slow side considering she was born with a TON of it.


My delivery nurses told me not to get excited, that it would all fall out. NOPE. For most moms this is a dream come true...but this is me:


That’s the sum total of my hair styling abilities. Bangs and straight down. I can’t even rock a decent ponytail without it looking weird and bumpy. Every 18-24 months, I decide that I will FINALLY learn how to do beachy waves. After hours in the bathroom I emerge to my daughters wide-eyed reception and she always gently reminds me that she really loves my hair straight. My son is less polished and usually offers a “No. Mama. No curls for you.”

But my girl has been follically blessed.


I can only take credit for the color. She can thank her Dad for her curls. And that boy I mentioned? Not struggling in the hair department either.


So this non-girly mama with ZERO hair skills has had to learn. I’ve done what anyone in my position would do. I’ve invested. I own just about every product for hair (straight AND curly) you can imagine. I’m knee-deep in irons and blow dryers.

 (I know I’m not the only one with a drawer like this.)

(I know I’m not the only one with a drawer like this.)

I’ve persisted. I’ve watched hours of braid tutorials on YouTube. I’ve asked neighbors at the bus stop how they did that thing with the twists and the braids and the ribbon and the stuff. My stylist (a curly haired beauty in her own right) has taught me how to treat curls right (“No touchy!”) and I’ve learned some valuable non-styling tricks that make our hairy household run smoothly.

Sleep in a top knot.

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Every morning her hair was a mess. And full of tangles. Now we twist it up into a top knot before bed and our morning is tear free. (YAY!)

 Freshly released from the knot.

Freshly released from the knot.

Comb out the knots before you shampoo.

This took me awhile to figure out, since this isn’t an issue for straight hair. But curls? WHOA. Conditioner alone cannot get some of those knots out once they are wet.

Find a leave-in conditioner you love. Buy it in bulk.

Moisturizing for those curls. Fantastic and taming my straight flyaways in the dry winter air. One word of caution—curly haired girls can use this daily. Straight hair not so much. Twice a week is great for preventing a greasy look.

Get a mini broom and dustpan for your bathroom.

Because all that combing and twisting and braiding leads to hair EVERYWHERE. I pull this out and sweep up the hair when I find myself in the bathroom to monitor teeth brushing or bathtime for the little guy.

Keep your drains clear with Liquid Plumr.

All this hair slows down our drains eventually. (Also my weakness for trimming my own bangs over the sink.) So we’ve kept Liquid Plumr in our cleaning closet since well before our big-haired family grew. This stuff is AMAZING, because hair clogs combined with the dirt and grime of childhood is a gloriously gunky recipe that leads to you standing over a tub thinking, “Um. It’s taking 35 minutes to drain the water out of this. Something is not right.”


Now I can celebrate our hairy family...and I can stop asking, “Are you suuuuuuure you don’t want to cut it shorter?” And now we have a soundtrack to our hair taming escapades. My girl won’t stop singing “Big Hair Baby” from Girls With Glasses:

For more tips on how to keep your drains clean, visit the Liquid Plumr website.

So what are your best kiddo hairstyling tips? I need all the help I can get!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Liquid-Plumr . The opinions and text are all mine.


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