5 Bucket Dessert Recipes

Go ahead...serve your dessert in a plastic sand bucket!
5 Bucket Dessert Recipes

It was 100 degrees in the Bay Area this week.

This burst of heat has summer on my mind. Which in turn makes me think about backyard cookouts, which in turn makes me think about dessert. Maybe a cookout makes you think of hot dogs, I roll straight into dessert. To each his own.

Keep reading for 5 Bucket Dessert Recipes, all of which are both adorable and delicious. Dig in!

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Dirt Dessert Recipe from Brown Eyed Baker

Bucket of Mud from Food Network Canada

Sand Bucket Dessert from Just a Pinch

Smores Trifle Dessert from Sunset Coast

Sand Pail Birthday Cakes from Celebrate Every Day With Me


7 Graham Cracker Desserts

5 Graham Cracker Desserts

While a delicious treat, if all you're doing with graham crackers is sticking them around a marshmallow, you're missing out. REALLY missing out.