43 Ways To Tie A Scarf

I am a total scarf girl.
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I look forward to winter for the very reason that I get to add scarves to my wardrobe. I love that my collection comes from Africa, India, and of course, USA. I recently realized, however, that my scarf tying abilities were minimal, and I needed help. Check out these 43 ways to tie a scarf. It will enhance your scarf wear and have your friends, saying, “How did you tie that?”

Scarves.net has video tutorials of 37 different ways to tie a scarf! Wit & Whistle shows off 8 of her favorites from Scarves.net below.

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Are you a scarf girl? What’s your favorite way to wear a scarf?

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Ways to Tie A Scarf

I love scarves on any day, but this seems like an especially nice idea for Thanksgiving. Why? Because sweaters are WAY too heavy for all the cooking and eating and meat sweats and family conversational strain.