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2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Hard To Shop For

Do you have a Hard to Shop for Person on your list? The 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For Hard to Shop for People is here to save the day! Film-Making Lesson or a Sea Salt Collection, anyone?
Holiday Gift LIsts: The Hard to Shop For People

You know who you are. You say not to bother yet deep inside, you're hoping someone will WOW you with a unique and thoughtful gift. You are the "Hard to Shop for Person" that is in everyone's life. Maybe you're the spouse with very specific tastes. Maybe you're the in-law that can't be bothered with something you didn't purchase yourself. Maybe you're that teenager with a sense of fashion that changes as frequently as the store window display.

If this is you or if you must conjour up a gift idea for a person like this in your life, we're here to help!

For the Curious-Minded

A Custom Puzzle Based on Your Home Address - Your Puzzle-lover will enjoy finding their own home in the center of this jigsaw puzzle.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide - Hard to Shop for People - Your Home Address Puzzel -

TakeLessons - The Adult Learner - Always wanted to learn to play the cello? Have a teenager who needs help with Algebra? You can find a teacher near you.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide - Hard to Shop for People - TakeLessons Gift Card -

Keep it all in perspective with a Teleidoscope, a wood-encased "magic eye" that makes cool patterns with the objects around you.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide - Hard to Shop for People - Rosewood Teleidoscipe -

For the Traveler

Pack a little light with you, whether on your trek to Nepal or your walk around the neighborhood. I know lots of people on my list will love these Spotlights from Title Nine.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide - Hard to Shop For People - Pocket Spotlight -

Membership to AAA - Have a friend who's forgetful and always runs out of gas? Having road-side assistance is peace of mind for any spouse or parent of a teenager, too.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide - Hard to Shop for People - Membership to AAA -

Do the words "Husband" and "D-Bag" find themselves in the same sentence? They should when you're talking about the Doppel Bag by Wurkin Stiffs. Can we celebrate the end of traveling with leaky grocery sacks already? Your clean, dry suitcase will thank me later.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide - Hard to Shop for People - The D Bag -

For Organized People
Do you know a neat freak? Treating them to Car Detailing Service is as easy as Say good bye to Cheerios and crumbs! This is a perfect idea for the detail-oriented person on your list.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide - Hard to Shop for People - Auto Detailing -


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Recommended for You

Label it with these cute Chalkboard Labels from They come off in case the Organized Person on your list also happens to be a Change-It-Up kind of gal.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide - Hard to Shop for People - Removeable Chalkboard Labels -

Know someone with great photos who just doesn't get time to share them? is the easy way to build a wall of photos in a less-than-permanent installation.

Just For Fun

A Snowman Making Kit is a fun gift to share one family to another. You'll have all the pieces to make a variety of snowmen. Just add snow!

2013 Holiday Gift Guide - Hard to Shop for People- Snowman Kit -

Know a food connoseiur? Share this Salt Collection from and think of all the airfare you've saved by letting someone else gather salt from around the globe!

2013 Holiday Gift Guide - Hard to Shop for People - Salt Collection -

Want to share jewelry without breaking the bank? Your besties will love you when you gift these Flip Flop Bracelets Plus, the bracelets are made from recycled goods and sold by a fair-trade company in West Africa.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide - Hard to Shop for People - Flip Flop Bracelets -

If all else fails, go for a shovel. Really. Who doesn't need a shovel? Plus, for less than your lunch money, you might just have the hit of your next White Elephant party or a gift for your In-laws!

2013 Holiday Gift Guide - Hard to Shop for People - A Shovel -

Whew! Glad that's over. What are your best ideas for the Hard to Shop for People on your list?

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