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2011 Health: Muscles, Colors, John & Roller Skates

Working out isn't a stand-alone health solution. While it's hard to master everything at once, I'm trying to maintain health and balance in many areas of my life. Here are my points for Body, Mind, Soul, Couple Time, Me Time & Competition.

Somewhere in the last 4 years, I seem to have lost the title of "Runner." This is sort of odd, since I spent most of my life living with that as my most physical identity. At some point, I replaced running with, variously, strength training, prenatal yoga, vinyasa flow yoga and nothing.


My husband and I are both pretty skinny and could benefit from strength training, but he hates the gym and I have a hard time making time to wrap up the kids, drive to the gym, work out, drive home and shower. Our solution is to work out at home.

Somehow, the first step for this at-home setup became: Jake will build a hanging TV contraption for our basement. A few weeks later, we have it hung and there goes our excuse for delaying the workout. We are indeed jumping on the P90X bandwagon.

Body: P90X.

I plan to wake up earlier to work out with Jake, but given the likelihood that I won't, I'll be able to work out while the kids play in the basement (a.k.a. "the shop") where they can play with ride-on toys and hammer blocks of wood to their heart's content.


Working out isn't a stand-alone health solution. While it's hard to master everything at once, I'm trying to maintain health and balance in many areas of my life.

Nutrition: Drink water & eat the color wheel.

Besides being good for everyone, drinking water staves off my headaches, too. We mostly eat at home, and though we're not health nuts, we eat balanced meals, stop eating when we're full, use olive oil and keep our plates a color wheel of food. I'm a big believer in eating 5-6 times a day rather than gorging on fewer meals, too.

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Mind: Admit when you need help.

I deal with depression. There, I said it. The best solution for me is Zoloft. Taking that little pill keeps me much more balanced and allows me to stay calm with my kids, patient with my husband, open to hearing God's voice and overall be sane...or something close to it :) Sometimes I mess up and think I can stop taking the meds, and within a few days realize that I'm off-balance again. That's not taking care of me or anyone in my daily life, so I need to stay consistent with this medication.

Soul: The Good Book.

I already mentioned this, but I'm going to read the book of John and slowly absorb other books of the Bible. I have a friend who spent an entire year in John. Seriously, God has that much to say to us! Time in the Word is important and I need to make more room for this in my life.


Couple Time: Lack of Money & Time are Bunk.

My husband and I just started a babysitting exchange with friends, so once per month we're guaranteed a date with free babysitting. We try to get out one additional time, too, besides having "fake date" nights at home after the kids go to bed. Setting aside time together is important to us, and it's important to maintain more than a "roommate" relationship with your spouse.

Me Time: Get the heck out of Dodge!

Sometimes I need to get out of the house and do my own thing. I have a Life Group from church...a group of women who meet to support one another each week. Then I have a few volunteer outreaches, one through church and one through the community. And yeah, sometimes I go out and just walk around Target.

Competition: Let your inner beast growl.

I admit it, I'm competitive. I miss running and beating people and feeling sick and high at the same time. After looking up some local road races, I'm going to tackle a simple 5k race in a few weeks. My secret Bad Girl also wants to duke it out in roller derby, so I sent an email asking if our local team is recruiting. My husband thinks I'd get the tar kicked out of me, but Holy Cow it looks fun!

Image by Uli Seit for the New York Times


If you joined a roller derby team, what would be your Bad-A$$ name?


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