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2010 Blogger Recap: Erin Oltmanns

2010 was one FULL year. Here's Erin's recap of favorites from the last year.
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It’s that time of year again, when we look back and share some of our favorite finds, lessons and Facebook moments from the last year. Each year kicks off with our fearless leader, Rachael (who can always be counted on to share the best of Conan) then it’s my turn...

Here are a few favorites that I must share:

Fashion & Beauty Finds:

Plushglass in Posh It Up from MAC (courtesy of Kat)

Mac Plushglass

Dr. Hess Udder Stick (found these thanks to BabySteals) The best lip balm I’ve ever used. The. BEST.

Keen Whisper Sandal. I spent all summer in these sandals. They’re comfy, sturdy enough to chase a toddler through the park, and can be hosed off when they get dirty. WIN!


Kid Finds:

Plum Dispensing Spoon from Boon. The fact that I can get organic baby food that can toss in my diaper bag (or send to Grandma’s house) is wonderful...the fact that the folks at Boon created a dispensing spoon that goes right on the pouch? GENIUS.

I love my stainless steal water bottles and I’m excited to get these new stainless steal baby bottles from Pura for my new babe.


Food Finds:

Wallaby Vanilla Bean Yogurt. The stuff tastes like ICE CREAM.

Pop-Culture Finds:

Allison shared Go Fug Yourself with me. The JLo posts, wherein the author shares what she believes to be JLo’s internal dialogue is hands down, the funniest stuff on the internet.

Favorites things that embarrass me and horrify my family:

Crocs. I’m in my 3rd trimester. I can’t see or reach my feet. Crocs are comfy and when I wear them my feet don’t hurt. They are lime green. So, picture me waddling through Costco with lime green Crocs. Pretty sure not one member of my family would wave if they saw me.

Favorites from 2010:


The Glee Version of The Dog Days are Over. Holy smokes, that is one talented crowd. I wonder if they are all HUGE pains in the ass now.

Crossfire by Brandon Flowers

TV Show:

The series finale of LOST slayed me in half. With LOST no longer gracing my DVR, I had to find something equally head-scratching to enjoy and now I’m hooked on Fringe.

Vampire Diaries continues to offer twists, turns and love triangles that those Cullen yahoo’s can only DREAM of.


I just saw the A-Team. Now don’t judge me when I say that it was one of the best movies that I’ve seen in a long time. (Or judge me, I don’t care. Bradley Cooper spends so much time shirtless in this film that my TV practically melted.)


I’m the last person on the planet to jump on board, but after Erica encouraged me, I finally finally cracked open The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. WHOA.

iPhone App: Pandora...we use this more than anything else in our house these days.

This year in social networking...
Favorite Facebook status update (your own):

FB Glitter

Most regrettable Facebook status update (your own):

FB mark

Favorite tweet (your own):


Blogging in 2010

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What great blogs did you discover this year?

Fly Through Our WindowUse Real ButterWhateverAnother Lunch

Who are your favorite bloggers, year after year?

Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, Dig This Chick

I can’t craft my way out of a paper bag, but I continue to follow along as craft bloggers, Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielski, share their lives. I find reading Ali’s writing very peaceful and I’m always inspired to slow down a bit and take notice of the smaller, more precious details of life. Cathy’s writing often makes me laugh out loud and her fitness journey this year resonated with me in a big way. I also find guidance in how Cathy seems to parent her two children-she strikes me as a supportive mother that encourages creativity and individuality.

Sometimes I feel like I’m off marching to the beat of my own drummer. Reading Nici’s (Dig This Chick) writing helps me feel grounded and a bit more comfortable with many of my life choices. Plus, she posts gems like this on her Facebook page:

FB Dig

I’ve repeated that to myself many, many times since she posted it in September.

What did your favorite bloggers teach you this year?

Marta taught me how to make the most wonderful bread.

Darby taught me to make apple butter in a crock pot.

Kat taught me which beauty products to buy at the drugstore. (I took her class, this woman KNOWS HER STUFF.)

Becky taught me how to make the cutest Halloween keepsake.

Favorite post of 2010 (your own):

I participated in Tracy Clark’s Picture Summer class. I loved it - I learned a lot about using my camera and captured images I wouldn’t normally have been inclined to snap a photo of. Here is my Picture Summer post.

Favorite photo of 2010 (your own):

Holy smokes, how cute is that kid?

Holy smokes, how cute is that kid?

Real life...

What did you kick to the curb this year?

I don’t try to cram too much into my schedule anymore. It just doesn’t work for me. Being more realistic about what can be reasonably expected out of day, week or weekend has made a huge difference.

What/who did you realize you are particularly grateful for?

My husband is extraordinary. He shows me everyday how to be a good person and parent.

What did you do this year that you’re really proud of?

Working with the team to create evo ’10 and evo ’11 has been amazing.

Rachael and I rocked the Bush's Beans photo booth at evo '10. If I do say so myself.

Rachael and I rocked the Bush's Beans photo booth at evo '10. If I do say so myself.

What word sums up 2010 for you?

Nauseous. I lost most of the summer to morning sickness. YUCK.

What would you have done differently in 2010?

Asked for help a bit more. I spent quite a few weeks feeling sick in my first trimester before I realized that everyone would be happier if the kiddo got to go hang out with her Grandparents for awhile.

Best vacation/weekend getaway of 2010:

My mom took me to Santa Fe in November to spend time with my her and two other women I love. We laughed, watched bad reality television, ate WAY to many sweets and ordered everything smothered in chili.

What did your kid teach you this year?

The importance of fresh air and a good night’s rest.

What did your mom teach you this year?

To accept help.

What are you looking forward to most in 2011?

Meeting our baby boy and seeing our daughter continue to grow and become this awesome little girl.

Her. In a nutshell.

Her. In a nutshell.

What is your #1 goal for 2011?

To get the hang of parenting two kids. I’m an only child so I have NO idea what a two-kid family is like. Wish me luck!



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