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2009 Blogger Recap: Heather from Rookie Moms

Editor’s Note: To give 2009 a proper send-off we asked a few blogging friends to recap their year.
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Today, Heather Flett gives us the low down on her year and shares a few of her favorites.

Here are a few favorites that I must share:

Fashion & Beauty Finds: indi denim. They make jeans custom for your body!

Food Related: either monthly chocolate subscriptions (Charles PMS assortment) from or the movie FRESH

Tech & Gadgets: my iPhone. Heard of it?

Favorites that embarrass me and horrify my family: cheesy romantic comedies, my Keen shoes, and letting my hair air dry (only my mom hates that one!)

Favorites from 2009:

TV Show:Modern Family, guilty pleasure sitcom that makes me laugh sometimes just thinking about it.

Movie: Loved (500) Days of Summer

Book: Currently can’t put down Po Bronson’s Nurtureshock.

iPhone App: Flixter, movie theater app. Does exactly what I want it to.

YouTube Video: The flash mob of the Sound of Music at that train station in Belgium.

Eye Candy: Now I’m feeling old. Can I still say Brad Pitt?

This year in social networking…

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Favorite Facebook status update (your own):Need a last second puppy costume for a 2YO. Any options? Otherwise, he’s going to be a skeleton wizard. (my favorite because my community came through with a puppy costume within 11 minutes)

Blogging in 2009

What great blogs did you discover this year?Aint no mom jeans

Who are your favorite bloggers, year after year?Parent Hacks, Mom 101

What did your favorite blogger teach you this year? They teach me to laugh at the mundane parenting moments because those are the special ones.

Favorite post of 2009 (your own):Dear Rookie Moms, Should I have a baby?

What did you kick to the curb this year? I kicked the carbs to the curb for a couple months and really noticed the difference.

What/who did you realize you are particularly grateful for? My husband truly makes it all possible. I also love dark chocolate like nobody’s business.

What did you do this year that you’re really proud of? Did a small triathlon rediscovering my inner athlete.

What word sums up 2009 for you? Bloggerific.

What would you have done differently in 2009? Yelled less.

Best vacation/weekend getaway of 2009. Overnight getaway to the Hotel Vitale in San Francisco.

What did your kids teach you this year? Humility.

What did your mom teach you this year? Generosity.

What are you looking forward to most in 2010? Going on a real family vacation outside the USA and running the Relay with some fellow blogger chicks as part of team Eat. Blog. Run.

What is your #1 goal for 2010? Make new mistakes. Always. And learn to poach an egg.


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