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2009 Blogger Recap: Allison from Petit Elefant

To give 2009 a big send-off, Allison Czarnecki from Petit Elefant shares her love of fashion, pop culture, party planning...oh and vampires.
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Editors Note: We thought it would be fun to ask a few of our favorite blogging friends to recap their year. Allison Czarnecki from Petit Elefant (@petitelefant) shares her love of fashion, pop culture, party planning...oh and vampires.

skinny jeans closeup

Here are a few favorites that I must share:

Fashion & Beauty Finds: M.A.C. eyeshadow and lip glass are two of the greatest inventions of mankind. It doesn’t matter the color, season, or shine, if you have either of those in your makeup kit, you’re a smart woman.

As far as fashion goes, skinny jeans {Lands’ End skinny jeans specifically} are the bees knees. Who knew curvy girls could have all the fun? They make you look hot and contained all at the same time, a feat for which I’ll be grateful well into the New Year.

Kid Related: SpongeBob. Just because it keeps my kids happy and out of the family room wrestling ring for 23 minutes at a time, and sometimes it’s funny for adults too. Just sometimes though.

Food Related: Fage Greek Yogurt. Who knew? It’s the most divine spoonful of creamy goodness you’ve ever eaten. Plus, it’s totally good for you so it lessens the guilt of eating it straight out of the container when no one is looking. Not that I would ever *cough, cough* dream of doing such a thing.

Pop-Culture Related: It’s been a busy pop culture year, so it’s really hard for me, a pop culture gura to choose. I’d have to say the New Moon release, just because it’s fresh on my mind. Boy is it ever. Jacob is having me reconsider all kinds of things I previously thought were holy.

Tech & Gadgets: My Nokia E72 smart phone. It’s sexier than an iPhone if you can even believe it, and it has more capabilities. Take that Rachael!

Favorites that embarrass me and horrify my family: My continued interest in all things Twilight. Never mind the fact that I won’t allow my 10-year-old daughter near the books, I’ve read them all a few *cough* times. I may have even recently stalked a magazine rack or two looking for the holiday version of People magazine boasting your friendly neighborhood vampire. I’m telling you, it’s a sickness. A delicious, mouth watering sickness.

Favorites from 2009:

Song: Jay Z, Empire State of Mind. Holy moly, amazing!

Album: It’s embarrassing, I don’t know if it came out this year or last but Beyonce’s album Sasha Fierce is wicked good. That girl has talent oozing out her fake nails/fingertips. If you’re into that sort of thing, which clearly, I am.

TV Show:Gleeeeeeeeeee! Squeeeeeeeeee!

Movie: I haven’t seen too many movies this year, isn’t that sad? But I’m really jonesing for a date with my husband to go see Invictus, it looks amazing.

Book: It was written in 2001 but new to me, The Other Boleyn Girl. Man, that Anne Boleyn was BA-NA-NAS. It’s an easy read, digestible for those of us who have better things to do than deconstruct early English historical literature. Things like watch Vampire Diaries on the CW. I mean, really.

Eye Candy: Ummm have you seen The Vampire Diaries? Whatshisface Stefan? Yowza. Look out Jacob; you might get knocked off the white horse for a little while.

This year in social networking...

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Favorite Facebook status update (your own): “Rescued baby kitty from under the rubble of the shed? CHECK. Cleaned up laundry room from overflowing toilet? CHECK. Wanting to crawl under the covers and cry uncle? CHECK.”

Most regrettable Facebook status update (your own): see above.

Favorite tweet (your own): “Now if you’ll excuse me I have a preschooler to strangle. Don���t mean it literally; I love him…….to death.”

Blogging in 2009

What great blogs did you discover this year? I discovered that Meg Cabot has a blog that’s just as cheeky and entertaining as her myriad of books, that MamaPop is the blog version of US Weekly I can’t live without, that there’s an entire blog called Cake Wrecks, dedicated to messed up and hilarious cakes, a masterful home DIY blog called Young House Love filled with ridiculously amazing how-to home improvements by an energetic newlywed couple, and Little Green Notebook, a delicious design blog with realistic budget friendly makeover ideas.

Who are your favorite bloggers, year after year?Pioneer Woman, Bloggess, and Design Mom. Hands down all three, read them every day.

What did your favorite blogger teach you this year? Ree Drummond, aka Pioneer Woman taught me to be gracious and lovely and kind even amidst the hail storms.

Favorite post of 2009 (your own): Skinny Jeans on a Curvy Girl

Real life...

What did you kick to the curb this year? My pride. No seriously though, I overcame my fear of public speaking, going on live TV, throwing a party for 700 people, throwing myself at famous bloggers. I really put myself out there this year and put my fears in the recycle bin.

What/who did you realize you are particularly grateful for? This will sound corny and/or like a paid advertisement, but my family. My husband is 150% supportive of me in all that I’m doing, never asking me when I’ll get around to doing those pesky dishes. I cannot even begin to imagine what I’d do without my husband and two little monkeys.

What did you do this year that you’re really proud of? I threw a huge party at BlogHer; party of the year. I almost had {okay I totally did} a couple of nervous breakdowns planning the whole thing but it turned out to be a smashing success, better than I could have even imagined and I’m really, really proud of myself.

What word sums up 2009 for you? Can I choose two? Roller Coaster.

What would you have done differently in 2009? Enjoyed my family vacation down the coast of California for 3 weeks. I worked so hard to make it happen, but then I spent the whole vacation working, planning the SocialLuxe Lounge and didn’t really enjoy the fruits of my labor. I’d do that one all over again in a heartbeat.

Best vacation/weekend getaway of 2009: The aforementioned family trip down the coast of California for nearly a month. It was a lifelong and marriage-long dream for me and my husband to road trip from San Francisco to San Diego with our kids one day, and we did it! Not only did we do it, we rode bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge, stayed at 5 star hotels, went behind the scenes at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and my daughter got to pet Shamu. I mean, it was once-in-a-lifetime amazing.

What did your kids teach you this year? They don’t really care what I achieve or don’t achieve, they just want to know what’s for dinner and when I’ll play UNO with them again.

What did your mom teach you this year? How to make the homemade granola she used to make for our family camping trips every summer. She used to shoo all 8 kids out of the kitchen for a couple of days while she baked batch after batch of homemade granola. She only made it once a year and we camped for 2 weeks, usually along the coast of California and ate ourselves sick on her granola.

What are you looking forward to most in 2010? What is your #1 goal for 2010? To achieve some sense of balance, this is a total lie, farce, faraway dream. Also? I’d like to make some cold, hard cash, let’s be totally honest.


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