2008 Elections

Who’s got your vote in the 2008 elections? Don’t know, don’t care, or don’t understand? Are you voting more on issues or on the individual? Why does the state of Iowa, no less, mean so much to the candidates? Do you know the difference between a “caucus” and a “primary”?

For a profile of each front-runner, click here.

What is the Iowa Caucus and why is it so important?

This Candidate Match Quiz will ask you basic questions, and then show you which candidates are aligned with you on the issues.

The candidates are busy campaigning today, the last work day before the New Hampshire Primary.

Mitt Romey took heat from all his GOP rivals in the New Hampshire Debate on Saturday evening while Clinton took aim at Obama.


Who Would You Vote For?

Sifting through your Presidential candidate choices can be a challenge.  How do you differentiate between a sound bite, positioning statements and mud-slinging that can accompany the campaign process?

Two Sides: National Popular Vote

Any poll will tell you that the vast majority of Americans favor electing the president by a national popular vote over our dysfunctional Electoral College system. This should be no surprise. The current system makes most Americans irrelevant in electing their most powerful elected office.

Getting Your Election Groove On...

WeeklyDIVA for TodaysMama With so many news sources, it’s sometimes difficult to stay on top of headlines. But it’s also important to stay informed so you can vote smartly.

Getting Your Election Groove On...

Weekly Diva for TodaysMama: The 2008 presidential election may be (gasp) 16 months away, but there’s no dearth of election-related news as a crowded field of candidates on both the left and right maneuver for their party’s nomination. And while there are a slew of names and issues to keep straight, for now, let’s focus on the basics.

Debate Watching 101

Debates can emphasize form over substance, such as the candidates’ appearance instead of their stands on the issues. You may watch a debate and still not get answers to the questions you have about the candidates and issues.

YouTube: Candidates on Education

Want to know were the Presidential candidates stand on education? Check out the latest YouTube / YouChoose videos on this topic. You can even submit your own questions.