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158 Days Until Christmas, Less by the Time You Read This

158 Days Until Christmas, Less by the Time You Read This
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The days are FLYING by, and as the calendar is whizzing towards the end of summer, I don’t think 158 days seems that far away.

So here is what I am going to tell you, prepare yourself.  I’ve started my Christmas shopping.  And I don’t mean one thing, I’m about five or six deep!

I know what you are thinking.  Way too early.  Not even a blip on your radar screen.  You are going to spend hours creating your own gifts this year.  Enjoy your summer and don’t think about those jingle bells yet, you big December nut.

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Well here is what I am thinking.  One of my least favorite feelings ever is not knowing what to get someone and waiting until the last minute possible and traipsing around a store in circles and ending up with anything, ANYTHING that is in the price range that you are looking for just because you have to and you have run out of time.  I love to give gifts!  And the best part about giving gifts is having it be a gift that people are really, truly going to love.  So to just pick something that is just okay because you have to, is a big letdown for me.  And since I really dislike a letdown, it may just happen to be May, and I’m out running around and see the PERFECT GIFT!  Am I going to let the fact that it is May stop me?  I don’t think so, I’m buying it now and making room in the back of my closet.  Don’t leave yourself hanging if you see the perfect gift now!

Part two to my holiday mission is that they aren’t just called the AFTER CHRISTMAS sales for nothing.  How terrible is it when you go out the day after you celebrate the big holiday to see that lovely platter you bought your mother-in-law slashed to 75% off?  Or how wonderful is it waiting for that holiday credit card bill to come through?  Start your shopping now, find things on sale, and spread out your spending.  For example, and I don’t want to give this away to the gift-receiver, so I’m going to be vague here.  But I recently saw an item in the Bed, Bath and Beyond catalog that I knew a special someone would love.  I grabbed my 20% off coupon and headed over to the store to find that it had already been marked 50% off, so with my coupon, I snagged this little piece of holiday joy for 70% off.  That is a SCORE!  And my special someone will never know that their snazzy new item came at a greatly reduced price.  Start sniffing out those deals!

Remember, the clock is ticking…you’ll be nibbling on the gutter of that gingerbread house before you know it.

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