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Commercial Brats


Kids in commercials are nothing new; they’re been tapped since the dawn of advertising to sell everything from cereal to cars. But these days I’ve noticed something almost completely intolerable: the bratty, rude, snotty kid.

toyota kid

This is the child who turns up her nose because the fish sticks her mother served her are from minced fish and not whole fish. Show me one real kid who knows the difference.

Most recently, I’ve noticed Toyota’s Highlander kid. He’s the one who sympathizes with other kids because their parents drive crummy cars and are totally uncool. The commercial ends with this bon mot, “Just because you're a parent, doesn't mean you have to be lame."

I am not cool with that. Not even a little.

If my kid pulled that kind of entitled nonsense on me, I’d be furious. Know what my kid didn’t do? Work a day in his life, let alone contribute one red cent to a car payment. He doesn’t get an opinion on what music I play in the car, let alone what kind of car I’m driving. He gets to be happy, thrilled, and grateful that he has any kind of reliable transportation--and that I’m willing to drive his spoiled bum anywhere.

Am I the only one who abhors a bratty kid in a commercial? It turns me right off. I’m less willing to purchase a product from a company using that kind of gimmick.

But what about you? Am I just overreacting?


mess in child's room

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