101-Year-Old Teaches Us Everything We Needed To Know About Love And Romance

It's as easy as that. Here's all you ever needed to know about love and romance . . .
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On Wednesday, May 16th 2018 Grandma Eileen (@Grandma_Eileen) passed away "peacefully after 101 years of full living."

Her grandson Mike posted this tribute and video to her on Instagram the day after she passed away:

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"Grandma passed away peacefully yesterday after 101 years of full living. Out of the hundreds of stories about her late husband, Larry, this video captures the simple story of sitting across from him during a meeting that she repeats more than any other. Larry is her everything. Grams made us promise that when she passed she’d have Larry’s black leather gloves gripped in her hands. She always had those gloves. Whenever she missed Larry or just missed holding his hand- she’d slip them on to feel close. Now, after 20+ years- she gets the real deal. @grandma__eileen"

Here's what Grandma Eileen has to say about love and romance:

It's as easy as that. Here's all you ever needed to know about love and romance:

"Well he just thought I was perfect. And I told him 'No! I am not perfect!' But he made me feel like I was perfect."

That's it. That's how we love each other right. We make each other feel like we are perfect just the way we are. That's unconditional love. It doesn't mean that we don't challenge each other or push each other to grow -- but that we're always the safe place to fall. That we're not going anywhere. That no matter the circumstances we just want to squeeze each other to pieces.

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​"I don’t think of him as an old man or me as an old lady. I just remember being young."

Thanks Eileen! The world is a better place because you were in it. We're so excited that you're finally together again holding hands!

Eileen Wilkinson, January 10,1917 - May 16, 2018

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