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10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Prepare an all-red dinner—while handcuffed to your partner.
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  1. Prepare an all-red dinner—while handcuffed to your partner. Dinner options can include red meat, pink mashed potatoes, boiled beets, rice prepared using the boiled beet juice, red velvet cake or chocolate cake with raspberries on top.
  2. A romantic note—or 30. Buy a pack of kids’ cartoon Valentine cards, and write notes on all of them. Then leave them all over the place for your loved one to find. One TodaysMama husband did this, and his wife found Valentines until April! They were stuffed into socks, cake tins, attached to clothing hangers, in her car’s glove compartment, etc.
  3. Solve riddles to find the gift. Give your loved one a card with a riddle. He or she must solve that riddle to find the next card with a riddle, and solve that riddle to find the next...until a riddle leads to the gift.
  4. Go on a scavenger hunt date. Similar to the riddles, this is a scavenger hunt that ends with a date. Create clues to lead your loved one around town, maybe to special or memorable places, before ultimately landing at your date spot.
  5. Get outside. Even if it’s cold and snowy, bundle up for a short walk, snowshoe adventure or skiing. Then head back inside for some hot chocolate, or think of another way to warm up!
  6. Give a Valentine to someone who wouldn’t otherwise get one. Eat dinner with women at a homeless shelter, or call a soup kitchen and ask if you can help with dinner and hand out candy and cards (like the bulk stuff you buy for your kids’ class).
  7. Mixed tapes are so eighties—but you can burn a mixed CD, or even create a special play list on someone’s MP3 player. Include special songs.
  8. If you have a daughter, send roses to her at school. For a son, a tin of chocolate or a sports ball tied with a red ribbon. They may act embarrassed, but inside they feel warm and fuzzy.
  9. If you have snow, write a message in it with red-dyed water. If you don’t have snow, cut out letters and attach them to the garage door. Either way, let the whole world (or neighborhood) know who you love!
  10. If you’re strapped for time with your husband, wife or partner and can’t get away for dinner, meet him or her for lunch. At a hotel. Comment
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