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10 Tips for a Happy Marriage…A Husband’s Perspective

Life is to be enjoyed and not just endured.
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Here are 10 tips written by my husband as a formula for a happier and healthier marriage.

1. Selflessly serve each other

Have you ever done something for someone else you loved and wished you hadn’t? Of course not. Service is the ultimate expression of love and is a blessing to the giver more than the receiver.

2. Express gratitude

Tell your spouse at least 3 things each day that make you happy and bring you joy. Too often we seek after the rain clouds in our daily forecast rather than searching for the sunlight.

3.Exercise together

My wife and I love to run together. It helps us to get away from our normal responsibilities and talk about the things that are on our minds. Exercising together will increase your respect and communication with one another.

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4. Express love

Be spontaneous and express your love to your partner every day. Have you recently written a note to your partner and taped it on the milk jug so that when they open up the fridge in the morning for breakfast that is the first thing they see? Genuine expiressions of love buoy up the soul.

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5. Be where you are

Take time to turn off the iPad, put away the smart phone and just enjoy being where you’re at and not in an alternative cyber universe. Be where you are and enjoy your present surroundings.

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6. Show affection

Hold hands, open the door for your partner, sit next to each other on the couch. Showing affection is a physical symbol of genuine love and appreciation.

7. Have a future event to look forward to

Plan a trip and put it on your calendar. Having a future event to look forward to helps when the monotonous and mundane creep into daily life.

8. Date each other

Remember when you first started dating each other? You were up until all hours of the night talking and spending time together and you couldn’t see enough of each other. Go out! It doesn’t have to be expensive. The key is to get away and do something together.

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9. Laugh

Don’t take everything so seriously! Laughter is medicine for the soul.

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10. Pray together

Listening to my wife talk with God in humble prayer is an absolute privilege. To hear her commune with the Lord and express her needs, wants and blessings is an amazing thing. A couple that prays together stays together.

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