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10 Snapshots You Should Keep in your Phone

In an attempt to find the perfect dress, I recently hauled no less than a dozen dresses into a fitting room. Most of them looked great...poor me. Obviously I’m not in the market for a dozen party dresses, but in a moment of clarity, I decided to take a photo of each one so I could reassess my choices when I got home.

A few days later one Mrs. Rachael Herrscher sent me a fitting room photo of herself in a smashing blue dress. (Tis the season, I guess.)

She didn’t buy her dress either, but it got me to thinking about using my phone camera for more than just documenting my hilarious kiddos and the occasional fitting room fiesta.

Check out this list of 10 Snapshots You Should Keep in your Phone from Apartment Therapy.

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Image via Apple

Image via Apple

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