10 Reasons To Call In Sick To Your Mom Life and Binge Watch Stranger Things 2

A frazzled mom shifts into a christmas light hanging lunatic... that will actually chop up her house with an axe...and then literally go to hell to find her kid? ACCURATE.

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains details and spoilers for Season 1 of Stranger Things.

MOMS! If ever there was a day to call in sick to your mom life—Friday, October 27th is it! That’s when Netflix will release the second season of Stranger Things!

Rachael and I have been plotting our cover story for months. How to shirk our parental and work duties so we can binge watch our very favorite show until our eyes dry out?!

Well, that’s probably not going to happen because we are grown ups. But here’s are ten reasons to LOVE STRANGER THINGS, which collectively add up to a really solid reason to AT A MINIMUM, skip your chores, put the kids to bed early, whatever it takes, this weekend and enjoy Stranger Things 2.

Image via IMDB.com

Image via IMDB.com

Because our favorite missing boy, Will Byers, is back. And FINGERS CROSSED, so is Eleven.



Never underestimate the bravery and intelligence of the awesome nerd kids playing Dungeons and Dragons in their basement. Those are the kids that will pester their science teacher on a Saturday night to get the info that will help them save the town.


2. Love of Eggos

I too would raise hell to get my hands on some fresh Eggos.


3. Girl Power

I’m sorry. Did Eleven just move a speeding van with her MIND?! And did our 80’s princess Nancy just hit that soda can on her first shot?! Yes. Both of those things happened.


4. Young Love

No. Not those high school drama llamas and their crazy love triangle. I’m talking about Mike and Eleven. Don’t tell me you didn’t shed an actual tear when Mike promised to take her to the Snow Ball right before she disappeared.


5. But the Love Triangle is TOTALLY Our Jam

Steve and Nancy and Jonathan. You wanted to hate Steve. It would’ve been so easy, but he showed up and ended up being the one to swing that crazy nail-filled bat like a champ when the Demogorgon showed up...even though he had NO IDEA WTF was going on.


6. A Mom We Can Relate To

Winona Ryder plays Joyce Byers—a frazzled mom shifts into a christmas light hanging lunatic... that will actually chop up her house with an axe...and then literally go to to hell to find her kid? ACCURATE. Motherhood in a nutshell.


6. The 80’s Style

So. Much. Wood. Paneling. And the hair and the toys and the puffy vests! And not one single day-glo legwarmer in sight! For those of us that grew up in the 80’s the sets and costumes are so full of nostalgia that you can’t help but feel homesick for your childhood.


7. Dustin’s One Liners

So much swearing. So much wisdom.


8. It’s a Conspiracy Theory Fiesta

How many shady things can happen behind one chain link fence!? SO MANY!


9. So Many Hot Mess Adults

Chief Hopper turns out to quite the clever and brave lawman...but MAN...he’s also a walking disaster. Which sort of makes me feel better about how I’m living my life. See also: Joyce Byers


10. Validation for Helicopter Parenting

Mike and Nancy’s mom had not only another child living in her basement, but one teenage boy sleeping in her daughter's bedroom while another peeped through the windows. And don’t even get me started on Barb’s mom—SHEESH. You haven’t seen your kid in 24 hours! And the fact that a few middle schoolers could rile up a shadow government agency armed with bikes and walkie talkies is impressive. And why I’ll continue to keep an eyeball on my kiddos.


If you need me this weekend, I’ll be staying up all night to watch Stranger Things 2. Please be patient with me on Monday, I’ll be operating on minimal sleep and maximum coffee.


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