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10 Design Blogs You Must Read

I attended the Alt Design Summit in SLC this week and bumped into many a blogger you should know about. What's even better? Is when you meet a wonderful blogger and they are lovely people to boot.

Now let's be honest. I'm not all that artsy. I probably have borderline taste, and my husband has to redress me half the time. But one of the best things that the internet has done is give us access to beautiful things that we would have never otherwise seen with just the click of your mouse.

I attended the Alt Design Summit in SLC this week and bumped into many a blogger you should know about. Now if you are a hard core designer, or reader of design blogs you have probably all ready heard of some of these. But for those of you that may be like me, and have been living in a design cave . . . well . . . you're welcome.

What's even better? Is when you meet a wonderful blogger and they are lovely people to boot. Thus, my list of 10:

Loving Living Small

About Her:
I seriously have a small space in my basement that I would move her into if I could. And I mean that in the least criminal way possible.

Dedicated to spaces 1000 square feet and under, here you'll find tips, resources, small space solutions and tons of design inspiration to encourage living small with style.

Follow her on Twitter:

Loving Living Small

Decor Demon

About Him:
I love that there are demon horns on his typography. And he is one entertaining dude!

Décor Demon creator Brian Patrick Flynn is a television producer turned self-taught decorator/designer. The moniker “Décor Demon” comes from Brian’s fast-paced weekend routine of furiously raiding garage sales and flea markets for one-of-a-kind pieces with which he creates edgy-meets-elegant spaces. Flynn’s TV production credits range from news at an NBC affiliate in South Florida to design and reality shows on Discovery Channel, HGTV, TBS and Fox. In addition to being an associate producer, Brian is also the set decorator and on-air design talent for the TBS series, Movie & a Makeover.

Follow Him on Twitter:

Decor Demon

Design Milk

About Her:
Mostly it's awesome that the logo is a cute little milk carton. But wait, there's more!

Design Milk is an online magazine dedicated to modern design run by Jaime Derringer. Our goal is to bring you what’s fresh and new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion, and technology.

Follow Her on Twitter:

Design Milk

House of Brinson

About Them:
Could you blog with your husband? Start a business with him? They obviously do so beautifully!

A husband and wife team that documents all aspects of art, design, photography, food, and life in general that they find inspiring. Their aesthetic is about contrast: black and white, light and dark, masculine and feminine, old and new, rustic and modern.

Follow Them on Twitter:

House of Brinson

Pattern Pulp

About Her:
You know that New York life you kind of pictured for yourself when you were young? A hip young fabulous chick in NYC? Yeah - that's her.

Founded by Shayna Kulik, a New York based designer and trend forecaster, in an effort to understand how physical and digital forums embrace decorative repetition. Having made it her business to track pattern evolutions for the fashion, lifestyle and trend industries, Kulik now brings that unique perspective to clients including Bumble and Bumble, CScout, Marc Ecko, MTV and Virgin Brands through her design and trend forecasting studio, Pixel Rumor located in New York’s West Village.

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Follow Her on Twitter:

Pattern Pulp

Creative Thursday

About Her:
Full of pretty little creatures. I like the "holiday penguin" and the "love birds in orange hats" as an fyi. She's got a great Etsy store too.

Marisa lives and works fulltime as an artist from her home studio in Los Angeles with Sean, Riley and Garbo. Her blog, Creative Thursday, now entering its 5th year, continues to be a place where artist's around the world meet to "believe in what is possible for all of us!" Marisa's work can be seen online here at the Creative Thursday website, her Etsy shop and on her blog. Her work is licensed through Oopsy Daisy/Studio Avo, and Papyrus. Marisa's work has been published in, Better Homes and Gardens, Where Women Create, Artful Blogging, Home Decor Buyer, Southern Living Magazine, Interview Magazine and on blogs including, Decor8, Poppytalk, Bloesem, Design Sponge, A Cup of JO, SFGirlbybay and Soule Mama. She is also speaking and teaching in person and online via her e-course, "In the Fish Bowl. Life as an Artist Online" that she launched in 2009. Marisa's advice to anyone pursuing their dreams is to follow your heart, be yourself ~ and believe in yourself.

Creative Thursday

Simple Lovely

About Her:
I had the pleasure of dining with her. She juggles career, family and blogging like a rockstar (but is probably undercover during "office hours".

She likes Thelonious Monk, Stinson Beach, succulents, Laura Owens, wood bowls, strong coffee, 70’s pottery, Ilse Crawford, Wes Anderson, Cherner chairs, Leroy Grannis, Elliott Puckette, France, Bauhaus, Heath Ceramics, Marfa . . .

Follow Her on Twitter:

Simple Lovely

Raising Foodies
Also from Joslyn - had to include because it's equally great!

Raising Foodies


About Her:
Here business cards were made of wood. Enough said.

Her name is Danyelle. Some people call her Dandee. She married young. Had five beautiful babies. Now, a mother. "I love. I create. I try to be kind. I worry about people's feelings. I get excited for concerts. I eat sweets. I dream of big things."

Her family lives in the Pacific Northwest where the summers are hot and the winters are cold. They enjoy playing tag + swinging in the backyard. They sip Izze through stripy straws. Oh, and they just recently added their first pet to the family, a golden lab they named Sam.

Follow Her on Twitter:

Dandee Designs

Design Mom

About Her:

As if I could end this post without telling you about the organizer of Alt Summit, a rockstar blogger in her own right, mother of 6, departing for a year abroad in France any minute, and all around amazing women.

In her words:
"My name is Gabrielle Stanley Blair, but lots of people call me Gabby. I like really good ideas, pear Jelly Bellies and cities. I dislike pain, cilantro, and poorly executed pedicures."

Follow Her on Twitter:

That's all folks! Enjoy!


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