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Yoga Fusion in San Ramon

Eight weeks after giving birth to my twins, I went to a yoga class taught by Bliss German at Yoga Fusion.
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She and I have kids the same age, and the class was a benefit for Garden Montessori —a double charity cause: the school and my body.

Still feeling a bit stretched from my pregnancy after carrying 12 pounds worth of baby(s), I did my best to listen to my body and take it easy.   The class Bliss taught was a Hatha flow class, a series of poses (also known as an asana) increasing in difficulty and strength, then repeated on the other side of the body.  If you are unfamiliar with the practice of yoga, focusing on one’s breath and body alignment are just as important as getting a good stretch.  Since my body wasn’t up to its usual strength, I was there much more for the meditative aspect.  After all, when does a mother of newborn twins have the chance to breathe, stretch and relax?  I completed about half of each asana, being careful to do just as much on the left side as I did originally on the right side—no lopsided mamas here.

Though known as a tough teacher and eager to push her students to do their best, Bliss was compassionate and understanding, letting me rest in child’s pose often, to allow my already exhausted body rest.  (For more of that backstory, check this out.)  As a mother of three children, Bliss is no stranger to the way I was feeling.  “Yoga is a practice that allows the individual to completely hone in on themselves,” she says, “physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, settling into themselves in the present.  As moms we spend much of the day rounding the shoulders, bent forward holding the baby/babies, nursing the babies, protecting the babies— yoga reminds us to open and lift the heart, stretching on all sides.  Mentally, we have the tendency to entirely focus on these new little beings and sometimes lose ourselves, but yoga allows us to still the talk in our mind through meditation, helping us to keep in touch with our true selves— enabling us to be more present with ourselves and our little ones.”

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After an hour and a half of breathing, meditating and stretching out my brittle body, I felt renewed and ready to face another night with my two new creations.

The Yoga Fusion

2217- N San Ramon Valley Blvd.

(in the southwest corner of the shopping center, 2 blocks north of In-n-Out Burger)

San Ramon, CA  94583


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