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Win FREE Braces from Parker Orthodontics in SLC

You know you want braces. Or maybe you want your kids to have them.
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Either way, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have!

Are they good looking? You betcha.

Well. Maybe not so much. Let’s get real about having braces as a grown up.

I have bounced between retainers and slacking since I was in Jr. High. Every year I would think – I should just get braces. And as another year would go by, I would say to myself, I could be done with my braces right now if I had only done it last year. I just needed to get it over with.

I got pumped up. I told myself it was “no bigs”. I’m a grown up. Well, as each little bracket was placed on my teeth, the more I started to panic. What had I gotten myself into? I mean, they cement these things on! There’s really no going back when you are in that chair. I left, still trying to hold my head high. That night we had a neighborhood block party and I felt like one of those sad dogs with a cone on his head that wants to hide. And of course, there was a taco stand with chips and salsa. Sad face.

Here’s the reality behind braces:

  • They hurt when they get tightened, but not as much as your friends made you think they did. They were babies.
  • You have a sad brace face for like a week, and then you forget about it.
  • The time goes by relatively fast. Unless you had to wear braces for 8 years from elementary school until Jr. High. Sad brace face.
  • You’ll probably lose about 10 pounds when you have braces by the mere fact that you just don’t eat as much. I’d like to see a study on this. One lady in my neighborhood said she lost 25 pounds! (but that’s not why we get braces friends)

See This Happy Brace Face?

Snake Ties

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Tips for Surviving Adult Orthodontia

  • Take some Motrin before your appt. You’ll head off any of the achiness (is that a word?) in your teeth.
  • Wax ON! Put wax on any of the tender spots in your mouth at night.
  • You really shouldn’t eat caramel popcorn. They tell you not to. You think to yourself, “I’m the mom. I’ll eat what I want!” And then you pop a bracket off and swallow it. No bueno.
  • Always have toothpicks or the little brace brushes in your purse or pockets. Eating out and having something stuck in your braces is also no bueno.

Here’s me, the minute I got in my car after getting my braces off. Do I look pumped to you? I was. Those are some foxy teeth if I do say so myself!

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So here’s the deal. If you’ve been putting off braces and need to just get it over with, or if you’ve got kids at home that need to embrace this goodness, we’re here to hook you up! We’re giving away a FULL SET OF BRACES with Dr. Justin Parker for you or someone in your immediate family. Dr. Parker was my orthodontist, and here’s why I think he’s amazing:

  • Appointments were easy to set and get in at the times I wanted
  • SLC Orthodontist: Great location, right off of the freeway (I15)
  • My daughter always got fresh baked cookies and tokens for prizes
  • They have all of the bells and whistles of a brand new office (movies on the ceiling etc.)
  • You get a DISCO PARTY when you get your braces off! And believe me, you will feel ready to party when they come off!
  • But the biggest piece is that he’s great, funny, easy to talk to (even when you can’t talk), and his staff is fabulous.
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(that’s me and my own personal disco party on the day I got my braces off!)


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