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Win 10 Pounds Down

Don't let this girl scare you. She's ten pounds down and before you know it, you can be too!

The holidays have passed, the tree is out the door (seriously, get your tree out the door!), and the holiday treats have (for the most part) disappeared. In December, after I made twenty gingerbread houses for my daughter and all of her friends, I had no desire to drag out the old Kitchen Aid. Now that it's January, I'm right back at it. In fact, I'm chewing on a Valentines Day blondie as I type this. Click here for the recipe, truly amazing.

It's the perfect storm when you are just far enough away from your healthy New Year's resolution and just when they are starting to roll out the Valentines Day candy that you might feel yourself slip a little.

And there are a million reasons why you can slack off...

It's cold out.

Putting on workout clothes is for the birds.

What are you going to do with the short people carrying sippy cups running around your house?

You have a broken rib (this was true, and BOY will it slow you down).

You are still in post-holiday recovery mode.

But at the end of the day, none of these lazy bones reasons matter. You've got to get off the couch, it's for your health.

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So I got off the couch and popped in a little workout DVD. Gaiam is a leader in the yoga and fitness industry and they pack quite a punch in their workout DVDs. Despite the fact I don't own a scale, I tried Jessica Smith's 10 Pounds Down Better Body Blast. And boy did it blast.

Promising to sculpt, slim and define your entire body, this 3 part workout DVD left me feeling like I had just left a mega session at the gym. But I never left my house. This took care of the "it's cold out" reason, the "who is watching the sippy cup people" reason, and the "workout clothes" reason (my outfit might have been less than stellar) which all in all made it a much better experience.

You're blasting your ten pounds through kickboxing drills, bursts of cardio designed to burn fat and toning exercises. What can I say? It promises tank top ready arms. And while it is WAY too cold for a tank top right now, here's to hoping those toned arms will be ready to rock by the time the weather changes.

The lovely people at Gaiam sent me this DVD to review but the opinions are all my own. If you too would like to be 10 Pounds Down leave a comment below to win your own copy of this DVD. A winner will be selected at random and you'll be kickboxing around your own living room before you know it. Cheers to your health!

10 Pounds Down Better Body Blast from Gaiam

10 Pounds Down Better Body Blast from Gaiam

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