What’s Your Sugar Intake?

Ever wondered about the average sugar intake of a typical American?
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Think you might need to cut back?

I cut sugar out of my diet in January. It takes a couple of weeks for the cravings to go away and once those are gone, believe it or not, the smell of sugar is sometimes even disgusting. Here's how I did it:

12+ Tips For Quitting Sugar

Have you cut sugar out of your diet? What differences do you notice?

​Does it even matter?


Check this out:

How much sugar will you consume this year?

Americans consume 130 pounds of sugar every year.

In 1822, the average American consumed 45 grams of sugar PER YEAR. That's the amount found in ONE of today's 12-ounce sodas.

In 2012 we consumed 765 grams of sugar EVERY 5 DAYS!

What's your lifetime sugar intake?

The average American consumes 3 pounds of sugar each week or 3,550 POUNDS in an entire lifetime.

That's about 1,767,900 Skittles, or enough Sugar to fill an industrialized dumpster!

How much sugar SHOULD you consume per day?

No more than 9.5 teaspoons per day.

One can of Coke has 10 teaspoons of sugar.

What's the nutritional value of sugar?

Refined sugar has NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE! Check this out:

  • 0 Vitamins
  • 0 Minerals
  • 0 Enzymes
  • 0 Fiber

Still have a sweet tooth? We get it. Sweet things taste good. Here are a few "treats" to cure those high sugar cravings:

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Sugar Cookie Bars

Sugar Cookie Bars

It's time to bring back some deliciousness from the archives! Looking for something wonderful to take to your next spring family gathering (or maybe just something to tame your sweet tooth)? Check out these amazing sugar cookie bars!